The Klonoa anime project appears to be dead

Well that's not the news I wanted to share for the start of the new year. We're sad to report that the Klonoa anime project seems to have been halted. The wording does leave some room for another team to pick it up, but that's just my own speculation. Now we need Matthew Perry to swoop in and save the day!

Thanks to all who sent this in!

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This is very sad. Oh what I would do to replace any shitty SOA anime game with a new Klonoa... Or anything really. The comic got canned on a cliffhanger, and now the movie is dead. We don't even have a mobile game for him to be in. Sad

Wasn't Ash from GameXplain a producer on this? I suppose he can't comment on what happened.

God fucking dammit. Klonoa is one of my all time favorite games and I was so excited when this was announced.

It's times like this I wish I was fabulously wealthy and could bankroll media projects with abandon.

I like me some Klonoa, but honestly, I don't see how this project could have stood a chance. Klonoa is WAY too niche to have a successful anime.

Crushed hopes and broken dreams? That's ironically the most fitting end for a piece of Klonoa media!



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