RUMOR - EA may be working on Frostbite engine support for Switch

EA has brought two FIFA titles to Switch and that's it. Some might think the publisher doesn't really want anything to do with Switch, but a LinkedIn profile for an EA employee might show differently.

The LinkedIn profile in question is for an EA software engineer, and it shows he's working on bringing existing SDKs to Switch. While Frostbite isn't mentioned, the developer does say that he's worked on SDKs that have been used in both Battlefield V and Anthem. Both of those games utilize the Frostbite engine.

EA has already made their own engine for FIFA on Switch, which they talked up quite a bit. To see them move Frostbite over for another installment of FIFA doesn't make too much sense, but it could happen. Hopefully if Frostbite is coming over and being used for FIFA, it will at least pave the way for other games as well.

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Reminds me of all the times EA staff said, yeah it might run...maybe...we haven't tried.

I can’t believe in EA any longer.

I will cream if they put the Respawn Star Wars game on it.

Frostbite on Switch? Pff yeah right..

EA is dead to me. But I support all major game studios to bring as much as they can as it will only bring more success to Nintendo.

If true, than its too little too late.

I'll believe it when I see it.

To cram a microtransaction-infested star wars/battlefield/fifa game? No thanks

Hopefully, the Star Wars games are made for Switch.

Tue Jan 01 19 05:37pm
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Why? The new games are as crappy as the new movies...

Wed Jan 02 19 04:40pm
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I enjoyed both. I would like to be able to play SWBF2's online modes with people in the same room. Switch's portability is the easiest way to do this. EA and Dice is adding more to the Arcade mode (the mode that offers split screen), which is awesome; however, they haven't said what that is yet.

The only reason they'd do this is if one of their licensees told them to put their games on Switch or else.

Given EA's current problems with stock prices, as well as legal troubles involving loot boxes, they definitely need to expand their user base.

But I still won't buy crap from them. They are an abysmal company with horrible practices and run by horrible people.

Wed Jan 02 19 06:26am
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Too late EA, I don't give a shit about you anymore.

Frostbite Rogue Squadron remaster pls.

Ea is in it for the money my idea was let EA sports take over the mario sports titles and see if they can make them better with their sports department

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