RUMOR - Switch sales in the U.S. for Dec. 2018 over 2 million, beating PS4/XB1 combined

When you're a surprised and content Reggie Fils-Aime and you turn your head towards the camera

It'll be a couple weeks until we officially see the sales data for Switch in the U.S. for Dec. 2018, but as usual, we have a leak. If the leaked data is to be believed, things have gone extremely well for Switch. The rumored figures state that Switch sold over 2 million units during the month, which is more than both the Xbox One and PS4 combined. Looks like Smash Bros. Ultimate did it's job during the holiday season!

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Tue Jan 01 19 01:41pm
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This is so early for those figures, right? I thought NPD usually goes through the first couple days of the next month. Unless maybe it is different for the new year. Big if true tho.

And Happy New Year Podcast crew!!

EDIT: after some digging, I think the next reporting period is from 12/2/18-1/5/19 since they follow the 4-5-4 week schedule. So I guess someone could know that the Switch is already over two million sold, but sales are still being counted from what I can gather

Wed Jan 02 19 01:20pm
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From what I heard, the person that started this rumor has a perfect record, being right 100% of the times so far. Could be wrong, I dont follow that person predictions so Im based on a comment a youtuber did

Doesn't NPD cover North America in general? Or just US? Its so confusing since Nintendo reports North America during fiscal reports so its hard to estimate global sales with just US sales. (North America is averaging at 40% of global sales for the Switch)

Tue Jan 01 19 03:50pm
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Anecdotally, I tended to see a lot of Switches being purchased while I was shopping this season. And places like Best Buy had MASSIVE stacks of Switches, and those stacks are no longer there.

I went to a Target and they had 0 Switches.

They did, however, have 3 of those horrible handheld"plug and play" (in quotes since you really can't plug them into a TV) consoles in the Switch cabinet though. So thats nice.

Tue Jan 01 19 04:24pm
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It’s official December is the best time to Switch

At this point it's inexcusable that companies are refusing to release their games on it.

Tue Jan 01 19 06:00pm
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Depends what games you’re talking about. Certain games will never run on the graphics chip in the Switch. Now, I do agree there’s no excuse to not start a new IP on Switch.

Of course not all games can run on the Switch. When Reggie said that RDR2 didn't hit the Switch because the devs didn't know about the Switch when they started developing the game is pure PR BS. There is NO CHANCE that game would work on the Switch. But why on Earth haven't they ported GTA5 to Switch is beyond me. It would be a perfect fit and the Switch can run the damned game.

As for making original IPs for the Switch.... It's damn risky. The Mario x Rabbids game sold, but it had Mario in it. Bayonetta 2 sold better on Switch than on Wii U, but there are so many people who never had a Wii U. So how to make an original IP for Switch that actually sells well? Nintendo's hybrid is obviously selling like crazy, so make a good game, advertise it and just go for it I guess =)

Hey Platinum! Ya hear?

I'm sure if they actually tried they'd get Red Dead on Switch. All they would have to do is tone down the unnecessary graphics and slow the framerate like Doom and Wolfenstein did and it would work fine. It's not probably gonna happen but it's definitely possible with good developers.

Unnecessary graphics? Framerate? Do you knoe how huge the game is? Do you kno it basically uses mostly everything the PS4 Pro has of power (and the XoX I guess)? There is no chance the game can run on Switch.

Yeah. I guess the big drawback with GTA5 is that it’s a six year old game at this point. While Nintendo is pushing for new experiences or bringing ports that offer bonus content to Switch owners. Would be awesome if they were open to doing something with Rockstar.

GTA5 port that uses at least HD rumble and has Nintendo stuff in it. It's a win win situation ;)

We heard rumors of switch pro they did in the past with new 3ds and dsi so maybe a switch that can run more intensive games is coming?

Not before it stop selling like that.

You understand how business works, Elfteiroh.

I know enough to know that I don't know enough. ;)
But I still try to follow the business number trends and what's happening.
And yeah. Revisions come when the sale curve start to drop, not before. If you do them too soon too often, the customers confidence drop, and you lose sales.

Wed Jan 02 19 05:35pm
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Still doomed - Sony Fanboys.

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