Nintendo involved in upcoming Virtual Reality business as an 'observer'

Nintendo has talked about Virtual Reality a number of times in the past, and they said they'll be watching the space to see what happens. That stance continues with a new enterprise called VRM Consortium.

Several companies in Japan have created a joint enterprise called “VRM Consortium,” which is aiming to develop the Virtual Reality business as it pertains to 3D avatars. The goal is to have the VRM file format become the standard for 3D human models in Virtual Reality.

Nintendo's connection to this project is that of an “Observer.” An Observer is a special status granted to a person or company who wants to take part in the activities of a certain organization, but without becoming a full member. Other companies involved in this enterprise include...

Unity Technologies Japan
IVR (virtual reality development company)
XVI (virtual reality development company)
Wright Flyer Live (GREE’s Virtual YouTuber company)
Showroom (livestreaming platform)
Mirrative (livestreaming platform)
Dwango (that Nintendo has a minority stake in)
S-Court (online game sales platform)
DUO (Virtual YouTuber and amusement development company)
Virtual Cast (VR distribution platform)
Cluster (virtual event platform developer)
Crypton Future Media

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So... They contracted themselves to support VR while not embracing the tech? Sounds like a trainee status.

Maybe they should do something similar for online, since they seem like they're pressured to do it, but they don't seem to like it very much.

Thu Jan 03 19 05:27pm
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I feel it's more like they registered to the RSS feed. :P

Thu Jan 03 19 05:30pm
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I’d love to see a Mario game along the lines of Astro Bot Rescue. Pretty amazing stuff. Kind of blows away Mario Odyssey’s presentation. But if a game had Mario’s gameplay and Astro Bot’s immersion? Mama Mia.

In the end though aren't you paying around $200 just to play 1 amazing game and some other alright VR games. I think Nintendo's approach is that VR still has a lot of problems to overcome and needs to cost less in order for them to take another crack at it.

If Nintendo was to make a game in VR I'd want it to be Metroid Prime but I'd worry about being in too long and screwing with my eyes.

I paid $350 to play one amazing game and some alright games. It was called Wii U. Goes with the territory sometimes. I've gotten a hell of a lot more satisfaction out of the $200 PSVR.

Metroid Prime wouldn't be easy, but it's doable. When the settings are adjusted I found Borderlands 2 VR to be perfectly playable without the "teleportation" mechanic. Metroid Prime tends to be a little slower paced so maybe it would work. Everyone reacts differently though. My brother-in-law played so much Skyrim VR that his body adjusted and he doesn't get sick anymore.

As far as Metroid goes though, I imagined a diorama style world for a 2D Metroid while playing Moss. Might not be what people would expect from Metroid though.

Have you tried Farpoint on PSVR? I played it today using the Aim controller and it's very reminiscent of Prime. The environments, shooting alien bugs. Good stuff. I even set the movement for slow turning and it isn't making me motion sick.

I'd love it if their next console was like the Switch, but it could be dropped into a headset and played in VR. It's tragic how close the current system was to having those kinds of possibilities.

Maybe that'll be the evolution of their next handheld. I mean considering Nintendo doesn't see the Switch as one. And or they could consider it as another device in their family of systems as another pillar.

The issue I keep seeing with VR is the same with any new type of entertainment device. You need a genre exclusive to that setup. Like Guitar Hero and Rockband, or how the trauma center games relied on the touchscreen, or how Wii Sports could only be as popular because of the wiimote.

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