GBA Consolizer lets you play your GBA games in HD on TV

Looking for a way to play your GBA games on TV in HD? You might want to keep an eye on the GBA Consolizer. This mod allows you to enjoy your GBA, GBC, and GB games on the TV in 720P, and with zero input lag. The item is currently out of stock, but more are on the way. If you want to get some more details on the GBA Consolizer, check out the shop listing here.

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I have the Gameboy Player for my Gamecube so I'm set. Don't really see why HD would be needed/wanted for output of games at GB and GBA resolution. I suppose this is good for people with TVs that don't support any pre-HD inputs.

You don't see the appeal of crisp, clean pixel art? A lot of pople just prefer not to have fuzzy/blurry graphics on their high-def TV, that's all.

I might order one of these and finally get around to playing Mother 3.


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