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SwitchGuard accessory locks of your Switch for safe keeping

by rawmeatcowboy
05 January 2019
GN Version 5.0

The best way to deter theft of your Nintendo Switch at a tournament, in your dorm, in an office, or in your home!

Security and Quality are our Highest Priority.

When designing the SwitchGuard, we were sure to make the focus on its security, as well as its quality. That's why we include not one, but two ways of securing your Nintendo Switch! A locking mechanism on top to keep any unwanted intruders from stealing the console, as well as a cable lock and slot to prevent the entire SwitchGuard from being stolen!

Precisely Considered Cuts

With the SwitchGuard, we made sure to pay attention to details and chose our cuts purposefully. The top and rear cut outs are to ensure proper airflow for the Nintendo Switch, and the side cutouts are set back to allow the wires to cleanly flow out the sides of the SwitchGuard.

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