SwitchGuard accessory locks of your Switch for safe keeping

The best way to deter theft of your Nintendo Switch at a tournament, in your dorm, in an office, or in your home!

Security and Quality are our Highest Priority.

When designing the SwitchGuard, we were sure to make the focus on its security, as well as its quality. That's why we include not one, but two ways of securing your Nintendo Switch! A locking mechanism on top to keep any unwanted intruders from stealing the console, as well as a cable lock and slot to prevent the entire SwitchGuard from being stolen!

Precisely Considered Cuts

With the SwitchGuard, we made sure to pay attention to details and chose our cuts purposefully. The top and rear cut outs are to ensure proper airflow for the Nintendo Switch, and the side cutouts are set back to allow the wires to cleanly flow out the sides of the SwitchGuard.

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Can find one of these for my switch... but not one for my sword!

Whats stopping someone from just taking the whole box and smashing it open with a hammer exactly?

You're a thief at a convention. Do you try to sneak out with a bare switch, or one in a big thick plastic case?
Deterrence is the key word here.

Yeah, was thinking less of a convention and more of the dorm room example they used as well. For conventions it makes sense, since the Switch is pretty easy to just take out of the Dock, but yeah. I'd figure something you could bolt down would be better.

Hi! Were the makers of the SwitchGuard, as for your concerns of locking it down, that’s why we added a security slot on the back, as well as the included cable lock. Using the cable lock you can lock your SwitchGuard up to, for example, your bed in your dorm and someone cant get away with it easily! Of course with the proper tools, someone trying to steal it could eventually get it out, but that’s with any product. Our goal is that of deterrence at tournaments, or as you said, conventions.

Hi! Were the makers of the SwitchGuard, just wanted to stop in and answer a couple of questions. The goal of our product is deterrence, as another user commented. It’s a preventative to use against someone just walking up, grabbing your Switch out of the dock, and walking away pretending to play it like it’s theirs. Most of the time, that can be an issue at tournaments, conventions, etc. and it is assumed that at most of these events, there will be at least someone nearby to keep an eye on the setups. The SwitchGuard makes their job easier and consoles less likely to get stolen! You cant really get into any venues with a hammer, so that shouldnt be a problem.

wow, 50 dollar for a box made of plastic and a very simple looking lock.

I'm more worried about the airflow than anything else.

Hi! Were the makers of the SwitchGuard, just wanted to stop in and answer some questions - we carefully chose our cutouts to be in the same positions as the Switch’s air vents, so airflow is not an issue! We tested 8 player smash all ice climbers in Smash Ultimate, both in and out of the SwitchGuard and there was little to no difference in heat, and no performance hinderances. You just need to be sure to line up the console with the ventilation cutouts to get the best airflow

The potential to overheat is high

Hi there! We’re the makers of the SwitchGuard, just wanted to stop in and answer some questions - we tested running Smash Ultimate 8 player smash, all ice climbers and found that the heat of the console was just about the same in the SwitchGuard as it was out of it, as long as you properly position the Switch + dock to align with the cutout on top

At a tournament or at E3, maybe. It actually looks really good for that. But in your home?! I'd say a door lock is more practical.


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