Mega Man: Fully Charged - Episodes 21 Through 32 Now Streaming

Looking for some new Mega Man: Fully Charged episodes? You'll be happy to know that 12 new episodes are now available to stream. You can catch them on both the Cartoon Network app and website. You'll just need a cable login to access them.

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Is... is that girl on the left Roll?!

I don't recall what her name is, but its definitely not Roll. She's Aki's (Mega Man) tutor/supposedly love interest? Aki does have a sister, but she's not Roll either - she's Light's actual daughter. Fully Charged is weird.

Mon Jan 07 19 04:52am
Rating: 1

I must be getting old, I find that type of animation awful...

I rather watch Thomas the dank engine than this nonsense.

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