Jim Carrey name-drops the Sonic the Hedgehog movie at the Golden Globes, and gets roasted for it

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie just got its biggest exposure yet, followed by a roast that I'm guessing SEGA won't be too happy about. Jim Carrey brought up his role in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie during tonight's Golden Globes, which was the setup for a joke. I mean, they say all publicity is good, right?

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Did they audio claim it? Audio isn't working for the video.

It is working for me

It's just very quiet. I had to crank my volume all the way on all fronts.

Sun Jan 06 19 09:36pm
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I'm hoping it's at least Bob Hoskins's Mario tier movie. There's a place for infamy on the internet (and Star Wars riffing).

That was obviously scripted, Sega had to have known about the dig.

That facepalm says it all

That wasn't really a roast, it was a scripted plug for the movie. I seen the skit as a whole and it was kind of funny.

Yeh, that seemed scripted. That actress though, she is the weirdest looking human I`ve ever seen in my life lol, no offense...

Sandra Oh is a goddess.

I know she`s not a bad actress. Oh, to each their own.

*sigh* Anyone else sad for Sonic?

Setting up expectations already? They casted Best Doctor Eggman.

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