Facebook rejects Gris trailer advertisement due to 'sexually suggestive' imagery

Would you consider the above image sexually suggestive? No matter how I look at it, 'sexually suggestive' doesn't come across to me. It doesn't matter what I think, though. Devolver Digital submitted a trailer for Gris to Facebook for advertisement, and they rejected the spot due to the image above, labeling it as sexually suggestive.

Stephanie Tinsley, who represents Devolver Digital, had this to say about the rejection.

“This is really stupid. We appealed and [Facebook] said the appeal was rejected based on the grounds that Facebook does not allow nudity. First of all, she’s a statue and second, absolutely no nudity is shown in that photo, nor is this what any reasonable person would consider ‘sexualized content.’”

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aurora unit
Tue Jan 08 19 02:11am
Rating: 5

Considering the other content they readily let through, 'hypocritical' might be a more suitable term than 'sensitive'.

Mon Jan 07 19 08:45pm
Rating: 1

"I'm so stimulated", it's like watching a James Bond opening. It's like that Little Mermaid poster. It's like an H.R. Giger concept art.

I have to ask, is it automatic or does it pass any sort of supervision?

Censorship I think would be the copyright conundrum of the coming years. In a globalized world, how do you monitor what should or shouldn't be censored? Not talking about the most obvious but the more subtle or restrain ones.

The initial flag might be automatic, but the appeal review definitely isn't automatic, so some human at Facebook looked at that and thought "Yup, that's sexual."

Tue Jan 08 19 03:36am
Rating: 1

In a globalized world, how do you monitor what should or shouldn't be censored?

Arbritrary cultural hangups will provide the guidelines and machine-learning algorithms will provide the enforcement.

Tumblr pulling a face-heel turn on porn is a preview of how all the internet will police content in the coming years. (I.e. badly.)

Relevant article: https://www.wired.com/story/tumblr-porn-ai-adult-content/

Mon Jan 07 19 08:54pm
Rating: 1

Facebook is stupid and salty just like millions of people today.

And I reject Facebook for how shitty they've become these past 10 years.

Hopefully the publicity gets Devolver Digital the same amount of exposure as the ad would have, except for free. The game is good and worth buying!

Mon Jan 07 19 09:09pm
Rating: 1

That's not allowed. It needs to be more fake
Plus, give us more personal info of you

Mon Jan 07 19 09:13pm
Rating: 2

Maybe all somebody at Facebook wants to do is see someone turn into a giant woman (a giant woman).

Mon Jan 07 19 09:26pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Facebook sold our data to a foreign power, technically that's treason so they're not a good moral compass. Nudity needs to be freely available on the Internet, it's what built the Internet, without it there won't be an Internet.

Plus, don't you have to be 18 to sign up for Facebook, why would anyone over 18 need to be "protected" from the dangerous exposed breasts of a statue?

...Do.....Do you understand your own words? You said "you don't have to be 18 to sign up for Facebook", which implies that anyone of any age (including under the age of 1Cool can sign up for Facebook. Then you go on to say "why would anyone over 18 need to be protected from..".

What in the heck are you trying to say?

Mon Jan 07 19 10:16pm
Rating: 2

I'm sure he understands his words just fine. He asked "don't you have to be", not "you don't have to be".

Wow, you are totally right and I am an idiot. I apologize. I need to check myself. I was just so confused by what I thought I was reading. My bad!

I totally understand. I misread all the time. All good.

I think the age limit on Facebook is 13, but either way it’s not enforceable.

Mon Jan 07 19 09:47pm
Rating: 1

Facebook and Google are both out of their minds with this sort of thing. When I tried advertising my own game to people in my area Facebook's submit button just wouldn't do anything. On a hunch I changed "Run and Gun" in the description to "Jump and Shoot" and the ad went through just fine, They don't want "gun" in Facebook ads. The idiots are that sensitive.

aurora unit
Tue Jan 08 19 02:11am
Rating: 5

Considering the other content they readily let through, 'hypocritical' might be a more suitable term than 'sensitive'.

That's a much better word, agreed. What bothers me most is they won't even own up to it. They could have put up an error message asking me to remove "gun" from the description but instead the page just stops working. It's so juvenile and petty to rather have your website look non-functional over just admitting to the rules they themselves put in place.

Tue Jan 08 19 03:10am
Rating: 1

What game was that you made?

Wed Jan 09 19 07:29pm
Rating: 1

I made a small Mega Man-ish action platformer. It's on Steam now for cheap but it's not amazing. My brother and I pretty much just released what we had made while learning the software (after play-testing and bug-fixing of course). Our upcoming sequel is a much stronger game.

It's here if you want to check it out!

The only conclusion I can come to is that facebook thinks this shadow has no torso and is only a head, a butt, and an arm. This is an automated process gone wrong for sure.

All these years Smash Bros. should have been rated M due to Mr. Game & Watch being similarly nekkid.

Tue Jan 08 19 04:33am
Rating: 4 (Updated 2 times)

This whole over the top political correctness and trying to keep everyone "safe" and treat us all "equal" and "fair" and make the world a "better" place for "everyone" has just reached absurd levels at this point.

This is what happens when you listen just a little bit too intently to all the extremist lefties and femin*zis and social police the like out there and start acting in a way that you believe would make them "happy" under the misguided belief that they surely know what's right and good and just and they can't possibly be a bunch of ignorant sheep-think morons.

Common sense needs to prevail here!

What is politically correct?

I very much doubt this had anything to do with politics. Please for the love of God let's keep that out if this conversation.

Both sides are just as prude.

Nail on the head, Ratmaster.

Tue Jan 08 19 12:34pm
(Updated 2 times)

It has everything to do with politics. You're clearly just not informed enough to connect the dots.

For your education: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_correctness

If you say so

But I remember when the alt right wing wanted to ban the Simpsons because of it's religious satire and partial Nudity. Clamming it was "rotting young childrens minds"
They even referenced it with Mrs. Lovejoy constantly saying "won't someone PLEASE think of the children"

Well I'm not standing in the corner for any extremist morons, be they left or right. I'm saying the extremist morons need to stop already, be they left or right. I just so happens that most of the crap going on these days is coming from a huge bunch of extremist lefties and a whole load of femin*zis for the most part.

What I'm saying is both are prude, and let's keep it out of our video games. Nintendo is by far currently the cleanest and least political multi billion dollar entertainment company. Let's not drag it into the mud that is the rest of the industry.

Fri Jan 11 19 09:46am
(Updated 3 times)

The problem is those other people are the ones initially bringing all this crap into video games, not the other way around. Without them rallying for their misguided and insidious causes first then no one would have to take a stand and oppose their ignorant actions that are trying to sterilize and censor everything to extremes. They are the ones trying to get perfectly fine content, including even the slightest hint a female sexuality, removed and the like. They are doing no one any good whatsoever and are starting to cause issues for other people who simply want to enjoy games without all the OTT political correctness crap. People like me are just reacting to that approaching Orwellian-like absurdity and telling them to stop before it goes too far. So they are the disease--and someone has to start calling them out in order to halt the spread before it's starts to rot everything we hold dear about this great industry and beloved pastime that so many of us enjoy. Simply ignoring it is not the solution, because they are already on their mission--hardcore style--and it can potentially negatively affect us all who care about gaming and want it to stay great.

I wrote out this long an passionate response but after re-reading it it came off rude and obnoxious. So I will just say this.

Video games have litterally been censored since the NES days. Some games changed in small ways to better appeal to the western audience, others right out not legally allowed to exist. This new wave of people have litterally done less to change gaming then people have 20 and 30 years ago. Ask bubble bath babes or mortal combat 1.

Also this is my final response to you. I'm finding it hard not to be a jerk on this topic and it's mostly because I'm sick of the current political climate. I'm sick of the right I'm sick of the left and I'm sick of talking about it.

Fri Jan 11 19 02:04pm
(Updated 2 times)

I'll say this last thing and leave it at that: In the past it has almost exclusively been the companies themselves making these decisions off their own back, usually a couple of marketing men or lawyers or whomever, which many rational people disagreed with at the time too. And there's obviously some prominent cases of legal situations like with the whole Night Trap and Mortal Kombat thing, but those were and are still very rare, thankfully. These days, however, it's more often than not the kinds of people I'm talking about affecting the decisions of these companies, people who aren't at all directly connected to the companies (and often not even customers of those companies), by virtue of how influential social media is in today's society. So, as a random example, when a human being actually loses their job simply because they said something that some ignoramuses didn't like, which was actually completely correct and true, but the company knows it's going to get the Internet up in arms, that's not right at all. I'm talking about the recent case with some dude saying there was in fact some differences between men and women and then he got fired, from Google I think it was. And that's where the problem today is quite dramatically different to how it's been in the past for most part (are more worrying and something we have to keep a better eye on): It's basically the ignorant Internet mob of OTT PC do-gooders calling most of the shots. That's not a good thing, and speaking up against is not automatically a bad thing. You can't just paint both sides as the bad guys because they bug you personally--one is actually the root-cause of the issue and the other is just a symptom of it for the most part. And we have to treat the cause, which means diagnosing it first (as recognizing and in calling it out), before we can cure the illness.

You are aware that you're referring to people as an "illness" correct? That's what Hitler did...

Sun Jan 13 19 01:35pm
(Updated 4 times)

No, I'm referring to THE ISSUES caused by the words and actions of these people as a disease that's spreading across of all society, like a horror version of a meme, which it is. And I've never once even remotely come close to suggesting we need to kill anyone to solve the problem (like Hitler did)--you need to be real careful about making absurd and dangerous connections like that, because that's more the kind of ignorance that led to the horrible things that happened because of Hitler and the often totally ignorant and misguided, but just as often terrified people that did his bidding--what I've said is we need to treat the root cause of the disease. So, for any sane person, that means better educating people about this utter ignorant and misguided crap that's being spread around and perpetuated by a bunch of mindless drone sheep. And it's about actually working to build a genuine version of that fair and equal and safe and tolerant and kind and loving world these morons go on about, thinking that's what they're building, but are actually not helping create in the slightest. In fact, it's these people that are breaking the world and turning it into a living hell--slowly moving us all towards some kind of insanely sterile and totally oppressive Orwellian-like society--more than just about anyone else in this day and age.

Random example (different issue but all connected ultimately): Why certain people shout [loudly] for "equality" of the sexes--but only let one side speak--THEY are the cause of inequality:


And that basically applies to what I'm getting at here too: What they say is in exact opposition to what is actually happening as a result of what they are doing to "fix" the world as they see it. In the end they're just making the world more broken and distorted than it's ever been.

No one is safer because of stupid stuff like the Facebook example above; we're all just a little more controlled and censored and oppressed because of it. And the world is just that tiny bit less free and less fun as a result. Ya know, the whole "life, liberty and happiness" thing.

Based on the past 12 months alone, people should not be using Facebook and companies would do well to follow suit.

Tue Jan 08 19 09:05am
(Updated 1 time)

I think I see what they mean, but I don't think it's intentional.

At least when I appealed a false flag on Tumblr, a human immediately realized it was incorrect and restored my post. This looks like the Facebook human didn't even look at the post and went "welp our bot is infallible if it flagged it, there must be nudity!

I must be missing something in the picture, I can't see a single thing that could be sexual.



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