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He's clearly extremely talented but they all look terrible.

Tue Jan 08 19 05:12pm
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That Sonic is the stuff of nightmares.

Good-looking Sonic

If Movie-Sonic look worse than that, I gonna LMAO

Get your laughs ready.

He's clearly extremely talented but they all look terrible.

Proportions are throwing me off.

Regardless of how "good" people think they are, I still think it's fun to see reinterpretations.

I never imagined MewTwo to be particularly "fuzzy". I guess I just assumed he was covered with a kind of skin.

Pokken Tournament/PT DX confirms it being skin that is reflective as you can see the light sheens all over Mewtwo.

I scrolled down and thought that Sonic was the live-action movie interpretation. Thank goodness it's just fan art.

Im REALLY curious to see what his King K.Rool is gonna look like...

Probably like his Bowser artwork, if I had to guess.

Am I the only one who thought that was the baby of Boom Sonic and Live-Action Sonic?

Man, that Sonic looks just like the one from the movie!

When I look at that Sonic I can't help but think of the names Kirby, Pac-Man and Mr. Game-And-Watch with some anxiety... And Jigglypuff.

I appreciate the fact that Mewtwo actually looks like a cat while still being true to the original design.


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