Digital Foundry - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe analysis

It's the complete package - a superb game boosted to 1080p on Switch. Plenty of visual changes make the cut, but there is perhaps a hankering to see more from future Wii U conversions.


What a great start, didn't even make it through the first minute and DF(who I think are great) made a mistake. They say that other than losing Miiverse integration, everything else is intact. That's not true, all the Boost Mode Challenges have been removed as far as I'm aware, because the Switch lacks 2 screens. Anyway, onwards through the rest of the video.

I read that Toadette doesn’t have the slippery lack of traction that Mario and Luigi have. Can’t remember when Mario started wearing rollerskates in his 2D outings but it’s always bugged me. Might play as Toadette as a result.


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