Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen does not require Switch Online for online components

If you are planning on grabbing Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen but don't have Switch Online yet, we have good news. You won't need Nintendo's online service to use the online features for this title.

Online Functionality – The iconic Pawn system comes to Nintendo Switch with online sharing abilities between Nintendo Accounts. (A Nintendo Switch Online membership is not required for online features).


More developer should care about gamers' wallets and do this.

Being forced to pay for online modes, after already paying for the game itself, is dishonest and a BS practice. Most PC games don't charge you extra to play online, except for the few "subscription" games. So console companies claiming they "have to charge you", is and always has been BS. They just found a way to squeeze you for more money, just like DLC.

It makes sense since it's just a passive system.

All 3rd parties should by-pass Nintendo Switch Online. It's a BS artificial scam keycard by Nintendo to play their games online. Nintendo get all the money from the fee, nothing has improved or they didn't add dedicated servers. 3rd parties shouldn't contribute to Nintendo lining their greedy pockets.

Thu Jan 10 19 12:12pm
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1) Where were you when Microsoft started this? Hell you say Nintendo needs to be more like Xbox/Xbox Live and then bitch at Nintendo when they do follow in Microsoft's footsteps. The double standard is sickening.

2) IT TAKES TIME TO BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE. Xbox Live didn't get to be king of online all in one day. It took years for Microsoft to build Xbox Live and get it to where it is today. It's going to take years for Nintendo get their infrastructure up to where Microsoft has it.

And Nintendo can't exactly implement everything Microsoft implemented. Not without being sued into the ground by Microsoft first.

Makes sense. The online subscription for PSN and Switch don’t really apply for games that don’t have direct Online Multiplayer. For example, Super Mario Odyssey’s Online Leaderboards and Balloon World does not require a Subscription to Nintendo Switch Online


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