Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster is releasing April 17 on Nintendo Switch

Square-Enix has announced the release dates for the remastered versions of Final Fantaxy X / X-2. These games are scheduled for April 17 release in the western markets!

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Just bought it for my wife on PS4. Her birthday is the 18th of April. This will make the fifth version that she owns haha

Now if only the Switch version wasn't massively overpriced. It launched on Steam for less than half of what they're trying to sell it for on the Switch and is easily available for that on PS4. Squeenix is a pack of scam artists.

That portable feature is expensive. Just like their overpriced mobile software.

Then explain the Xbone version.

I don't know. Can just suppose it might be the lackluster sales of those types of games on Xbone. (Haven't checked on a while, but that was the case a year or so ago).

Funny enough, I started playing FFX again on my PS2 recently

I've never played any Final Fantasy.
What will I be losing playing these first?

They are all pretty self contained, so I'd say you wouldn't be missing much.

Thu Jan 10 19 06:24pm
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Final Fantasy X isn't a bad place to start. It was the last game in the series to retain the classic battle system and have the old team together to develop it. Pretty good game. I actually haven't played it since its original release, so I'm considering it as well. I'm more excited about Final Fantasy IX though, which is one of my personal favorites.


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