Localized version of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Creating a Champion book removes pics of Link's family

Here's something that's a bit puzzling. The localization for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Creating a Champion doesn't include the imagery above. The images come from the last two pages in the Japanese book, and they showcase Link's family. The characters depicted appear to be Link's father and little sister.

We have no idea why the pages aren't include in the localized version of the book. Perhaps Dark Horse can shed some light on this decision.


Something something... Ken Penders!

They know that if people outside of Japan saw that picture they would immediately demand that Link be removed from the series and replaced by his little sister.

I'm only kind of joking.

Thu Jan 10 19 10:45pm
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Funny thing about this way of thinking... unless they make a direct prequel or sequel to Breath of the Wild, Link will be removed from the series and replaced by another character... more specifically Breath of the Wild Link will be removed and replaced... presumably by a different Link... or maybe not... maybe they'll do something different with the hero of prophecy in the next game...

Right, link has parents...

Well he has to come from somewhere obviously...
...I'm assuming your comment is meant to be sarcastic...

It's just a weird thing that I hadn't really thought about, as you hardly ever see them in games. Has link's mother been in any of them?

Links mother is mentioned in OoT as bringing her child to the Deku Tree for asylum but I don’t think any image of Links mother has ever been seen.

>why was this removed?
>why wasn't this in game? Seriously it would've been so cool.
>can we have a botw prequel with these characters implemented?

The fact his father was a Royal Knight is mentioned, along with the pressure to be as great as him.
But yeah... There could have been some more NPCs. When they announced it, I was actually thinking the DLC would be a kind of prequel, with story elements focusing more on Link before he met the princess.

Fri Jan 11 19 12:00am
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Picture on the left looks like Link hanging out with Old Gonzo and Smol Linkle.

I personally like the fact that you rarely see Link's family members (and when you do, they're super generic). Link is a pretty mysterious character that you can project yourself on to, and the lack of backstory adds to that.

I wish we had some details on them and more on the picture on the right. Odd to leave something like this out of the West

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