Switch hits 7 million sold in Japan

We all know the holiday season would do big things for the Switch the world over, and that includes Japan. Following this week's sales data, we now know that the Switch has hit 7 million sold in Japan alone. This news comes after Nintendo announced 2 million units sold in France, and 8 million sold in the U.S..

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That's 5 and a half percent of the population. With more people owning one, more people will get the chance to play it, and more people will buy it.

Wonder if Sony will make their own hybrid console soon (As they hinted at). Because seriously: It works!

They'd have to be very confident that it would sell, since they don't have a great track record of successful handhelds.

Ah! But if it's a hybrid, then it could do good. But of course, it'snot a walk in the park, but one guy at Sony did hint at it. The fanboy wars would go insane, though.

Nintendo was in an interesting position in the way that they could do a hybrid and it still be more powerful than the previous system, where as Sony can't do that.

So does their home console Smile PS4 is on track to outsell the Wii this year in global sales.

Thu Jan 10 19 11:32pm
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So have they reached 20 million yet?

Wow, it will pass PS4 this year in Japan! (most likely)

That's quite impressive. It casually strolled past the Wii U and PS Vita numbers and averages the Xbox One lifetime sales every week, and it looks like it will probably pass the PS4 by March. I think it's safe to say they're taking back Japan handily.


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