Wandersong dev explains how his earlier games helped pave the way to Wandersong

Game developers gain experience with each game they work on. Greg Lobanov has worked on numerous titles over the years, which all lead to the eventual release of Wandersong. Yes, the experience gained from those earlier titles helped pave the way for Wandersong, but there's more to it than that. Those earlier games helped foster a following for Lobanov, which then supported him in making Wandersong.

"I was always really interested in doing big adventure games and story RPGs, but it wasn't super-sustainable to spend a lot of time on a project when I was really unknown. The decision to make smaller games was kind of a conscious pivot because I wanted money, to experiment with more things, and get my name out there. When it came time to do Wandersong, I had enough of a community fanbase that I could Kickstart the game, and we did reasonably well. I felt I had enough saved up that I could spend time and make a bigger project, which is what I really wanted to do."

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