Suda51 says Travis himself requested Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, hopes it can become its own series, and 'doesn't feel a need' for a Killer7 sequel

We've heard Suda51 share all kinds of thoughts in recent interviews promoting the game, but his interview with Feed4Gamers has some really interesting tidbits. It also has some very Suda51-style moments, if you know what I mean. For example, Suda51 explains why he decided to create a spin-off series for No More Heroes by saying that he talked to Travis himself about it!

I also spoke with Travis, and Travis says, “Wow, wow, hold off on the number of installments, ok, I need to warm up a bit before we go into something big like this, and so I know that you love Death Drive, so how about going in that direction of games this time?” and so that how it came about.

If Suda51 has his way, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be successful enough to turn this spin-off into a series of its own.

I think it would be great, if TSA could turn into its own series, sort of parallel to the No More Heroes series. The great thing also is that the story within TSA has a lot of direct connections to my ideas for NMH3, so if NMH3 does get created, what happens in TSA will end up being important for that next installment. I have the outline for the story for NMH3 already mapped in my head.

Finally, Suda51 once again addresses returning to Killer7. We've heard Suda51 say numerous times that he'd like to do a Switch port and would like to include cut content, but this is the first we've heard him say that he doesn't have much interest in creating as sequel.

I’ll just come out and clearly say that, I really don’t feel a need for there being any continuation to the Killer7 universe, as I feel that I sort of completed that world, and I sent out everything I could into it, basically. So, making another game that’s connected to this game, somehow doesn’t make sense to me. But there was a lot of script that was cut out back then, I felt too much was omitted from the game itself, so I can see maybe a possibility of putting out a more complete version someday that restores those cut-out parts.


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He’s always been eccentric. That “Travis requested it” comment is just him having a bit of fun. Lighten up a bit!

Thu Jan 10 19 05:32pm
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I think you can still make games in a series that has a completed universe by creating a new one (like Xenoblade does). That doesn't mean you should pull an Activision on it, and drive it into the ground, though.

I have views on this game and how Suda51 is like, "you have to buy this first to get a proper sequel". And the Season Pass. And now this complete manure about "TRAVIS HIMSELF REQUESTED TRAVIS STRIKES AGAIN: NO MORE HEROES". What does he take people for? The gaming industry has gone down a dark path and I hate it. Physical game releases is another issue I have. Publishers are rubbing their hands with glee, praying for the day. This isn't for our benefit, it's all for them.

He’s always been eccentric. That “Travis requested it” comment is just him having a bit of fun. Lighten up a bit!

Thu Jan 10 19 06:46pm
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We certainly know fans didn't ask for this game, a new No More Heroes sure, but not a low effort cash in.

Suda, l'm fully behind you in all your endeavors. Whatever bloody road you take I'll be there, spin off, sequel, original idea, I'll be there. I'll even try to keep my comments long enough to be creative.

Thu Jan 10 19 09:34pm
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Man oh man has this game have an uphill battle with "fans". Suda is a very interesting style type of developer so I'm for sure checking this out. Here's hoping the success required out this game isn't at a crazy high bar to get that proper backing for an NMH3.

Honestly though, wouldn't it make more sense to port the first two after this as the true test of if there is an audience for that game?

Thu Jan 10 19 10:00pm
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Don't really care much for the few games of Suda51's that I've played, but I do feel bad for him getting so much flack from armchair game developers.

I mean, really, criticizing TSB for being "low-effort" or "lazy" as if any of Suda's other projects -- and especially the two NMH games -- have been examples of extravagant spending? And the first NMH wasn't even a good game by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, it was actually atrocious, and I'd be quite impressed if TSB were to end up being worse.

The "hostage holding" accusations concerning the possibility of NMH3 are even more contemptible. I get that companies have done similar things in the past, but context matters. How clueless do you have to be to compare Suda51 to Capcom or Sega? Or Nintendo?

I like the first better than the second. Top 5 Wii game for me.

Thu Jan 10 19 10:54pm
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He's clearly doing this for funs. Seriously. No need to be butthurt about someone having fun with his job. Sad

In case we needed a reminder that Suda is

I don’t understand the frustration surrounding this needing to do well for a proper NMH3 to be greenlit? Of course Marvelous are going to want to see how viable a niche franchise that’s been dormant for nearly a decade can be in 2019 before footing the bill for a proper sequel. It’s not the NMH game I was hoping for but it is something new and I’m excited to give it a go.

I would like to see the old games ported to Switch but it’d honestly be more annoying as a fan to be told that if they didn’t sell there’d be no NMH3. “Buy these games you already own or no sequel.”

Sat Jan 12 19 08:15am
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Yeah to me it makes sense to test the water rather than blowing loads of money on a game which might struggle to break even. I've never played NMH and I'm sure quite a few others haven't, this is also a handy way to figure out what this series is about, call it a teaser...

No one asked for several hundred Kingdom Hearts spinoffs either, but they gleefully bought them.

Personally, I'm more invested in the story of Travis Touchdown and the insatiably horny and/or violent adults of the NMH world, than the kids and cartoons of Kingdom Hearts.

Bring on Travis Strikes Again, but advertise it harder. Try to remind the gaming world that they're too old to be going after disney fare.

No one asked for several hundred Kingdom Hearts spinoffs either, but they gleefully bought them.

I did. I asked for hundreds of spin-offs.


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