RUMOR - Deadpool 2 actor Rob Delaney may have a role in Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular role in both Deadpool and Detective Pikachu, has been having fun referencing his comic book role in relation to the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. Now we're hearing that one of Reynolds' Deadpool 2 co-stars is going to further the connection between the two films.

Inside sources state that Rob Delaney, known as Peter in Deadpool 2, will have some sort of role in Detective Pikachu. Obviously this would be a tongue-in-cheek reference to Deadpool 2, so it's likely to be an indirect nod, rather than a blatant call-out. Most are speculating that Delaney will provide the voice for a Pokemon in the movie, which definitely seems like a smart idea for the sly reference.

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Interesting. I don't know that I would have correlated that there is now a relationship here, but rather two actors that just happen to be in the same thing together. Maybe if there is some sort of verbal cue that links them, but otherwise, it feels arbitrary to say that they have a connection. A connection in the way that Kevin Bacon is connected to things, anyway. Smile

They do know each other outside of Deadpool 2.

Well, I’m sure. I just don’t know if that makes it a reference to Deadpool 2. Smile


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