New details shared on Celeste's upcoming DLC

We recently learned that Celeste was going to be updated with 'Farewell' DLC, which would include new levels. Today we have some new information on that upcoming content.

- it will not be releasing on Celeste's anniversary, which is Jan. 25th, 2019
- it is one continuous chapter
- no B-Side
- it comes after the current hardest levels in difficulty
- no strawberries
- new items/mechanics
- content will be free

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- it comes after the current hardest levels in difficulty

is this saying this DLC will be super difficult?

Harder than everything else? It took so long for me to just beat the chapter 2 b side. And now I’m out of practice. Better up my game

So it's an endless level?

One single level, not broken up in a way that you go back to the map screen.

Sat Jan 12 19 12:05am
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To be honest I'm apprehensive because I think the game was pretty much perfectly designed and sometimes lame DLC can somewhat ruin that feeling (BotW anyone?) but the details sound good so far and I'm looking forward to playing some more levels.


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