Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn - More info on Ravel abilities, Devilish Mode, Kirby's Pad content, plus more screens and art

Earlier this week, we got the official release date for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. New features were teased as well, and now we have more details on that content.

Ravel Abilities

– Knitting Needles: Attack by knitting a big ball of yarn
– Wire: Fashions a sword out of wire that can perform devastating slash attacks
– Button: You can destroy a variety of things with its button bombs
– Nylon: Summon a wind that can attract beads and boost Kirby’s jump
– Bobbin: Kirby can use a bobbin yo-yo to hit things from far away
– Pin Cushion: Kirby can throw pins in a variety of directions

- Kirby will get a hat for each form

Devilish Mode

- this will provide an extra amount of challenge
- it includes “Devil” type enemies that have health bars

Kirby’s Pad

- new furniture has been added
- some of these items can only be obtained through other modes (Devilish Mode, King Dedede / Meta Knight mini-games)

Nintendo also released a collection of new screens and art as well. You can check out that content here.

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"Devilish Mode
- this will provide an extra amount of challenge
- it includes “Devil” type enemies that have health bars"

Oh god this may be the one thing to make me finally not hate this game all I ask is that we can die or at least get booted to the start of the level

Sat Jan 12 19 02:55pm
(Updated 2 times)

The ONLY thing keeping the original from being one of thee greatest platformers ever made imo was basically the inability to truly ever "fail" and therefor that lack of any sense of true accomplishment and achievement at overcoming the odds and "winning" when you beat the game--although it was still up there with the best platformers I've ever played regardless--so the addition of a "Devilish Mode", if it truly fixes that one issue, might just put this into my Top 5 and maybe even Top 3 platformers or all time! Surprised

But, given these fixes, now I really do wish this was coming to Switch too. :-(

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