Smash Bros. Ultimate outsells Smash Bros. 3DS in Japan

Smash Bros. Ultimate is an absolute beast in Japan. The game is doing phenomenally well, and it's already managed to squash a previous entry in the franchise. Smash Bros. 3DS has managed to move 2,558,302 units in Japan since launch, and all it took for Smash Bros. Ultimate to top that total was 5 weeks. Smash Bros. Ultimate currently sits at 2,628,087 units sold, and you can bet it'll hit 3 million very easily, and quite soon too. These figures don't include digital sales, but the story should stay the same even if that data was included.


Smash 4 3DS was the highest-selling one over there. This makes Ultimate the new top dog. On a worldwide scale, I imagine it's going to surpass Brawl for that same title very soon.

(This is counting Smash 4 3DS and Smash 4 Wii U as separate releases, otherwise Smash 4 as a whole remains in the lead both in Japan and worldwide... for now.)

Only selling well because it's a handheld, huh?

That great This shows That Super Smash Bros Ultimate Will probably outsell Brawl worldwide

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