Nintendo the third most-seen gaming industry brand on TV for Dec. 2018

For the month of Dec. 2018, Nintendo came in third place overall when dealing with TV advertising spend. First went to Sony for PS4, and second went to Microsoft for Xbox. Check out Nintendo's numbers below.

- budget of about $10.5 million for 18 commercials that ran over 4,700 times
- 609.1 million impressions
- “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate: One More Try” commercial had the biggest spend (est. $2.1 million)
- MTV, Teen Nick, and Adult Swim were three of the networks with the biggest budgets
- The Amazing World of Gumball, NBA Basketball, and Ridiculousness were three of the programs with high spend

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Oh Nintendo, you need to increase your marketing budget, we can't have a Wii U/3DS period again. If they are only #3 with SMASH, how low is their budget going to be with Daemon X Machina? Market more games NoA, you were doing so well up until like September last year, and then you started to dip.

Outside of TV, I've been seeing a TON of Nintendo ads on Youtube. That probably counts for more than the TV exposure, in this day and age.


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