Will Wright shares his thoughts on Dr. Wright being part of Smash Bros., praises Miyamoto's work

Dr. Wright of SimCity fame has been a part of Smash Bros. since the Melee days. Sure, he might not be playable, but he's still a recognizable face in the series! In an interview with Game Informer, SimCity creator Will Wright talked about the character's inclusion in Smash Bros. over the years.

“I mean, it’s an honor. I first started working on Nintendo way back on the early NES for the very first SimCity and Miyamoto-san asked me if I would mind if they named the guy with the green hair Dr. Wright – the guy who kind of gives you the help. And I was honored back then because Miyamoto is actually gotta be the best game designer ever, and also a good friend.”

Wright parlayed this discussion into some praise for Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto as well.

“I think Miyamoto never lost his childhood. It’s not like he remembers his childhood – it’s like he kept it with him. A good bit of him is still a six-year-old boy playing in the garden and you see that when you talk to him, just the way he approaches the world. And I think that’s his most valuable asset.”

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