Pre-alpha footage of the cancelled Disney Infinity 4: Kingdoms surfaces

Disney Infinity 4.0 Kingdoms - Pre-Alpha UFG Footage from P Tologist on Vimeo.

Disney cancelled their Infinity franchise quite awhile ago, but details continue to leak on what could have been. Today we get a rumored pre-alpha video of what would have been Disney Infinity 4: Kingdoms. Based on the video, it looks like Kingdoms would have brought together the biggest amount of Disney properties yet, and tweaked the formula in a number of interesting ways. Ah, what could have been...

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Mon Jan 14 19 05:01am
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Man I miss working on Disney Infinity. That was maybe the best seven months of my life. Still real bummed about all the cool stuff that never saw the light of day (including most of what I worked on there).

That is too sad. Thank you for your work, even though we never get to play it.

Thanks! I at least got one character I worked on released (Baloo), so that in itself was pretty cool. I’ve still got some video footage of the some of my unreleased characters hanging around on my PC. I’m thinking I might release that footage sometime soon, now that the Disney snipers have presumably lowered their guns.

That would be awesome!

Mon Jan 14 19 03:33pm
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That's super cool! I'm still sad to see it go. Thanks for working on it. Very few games even attempt 3D Platformer level creators and Disney Infinity was probably the best at it. My brother and I used to built giant castles on opposite sides of a map and I'd have to fight to keep him out of my stuff.

... I don't guess there was any Kingdom Hearts stuff coming to Disney Infinity? I was always curious after the Kingdom Key became a super secret weapon.

Mon Jan 14 19 10:11pm
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Thanks! I don’t think any additional Kingdom Hearts stuff was officially planned, but I do remember an employee newsletter that mentioned fan desire for Sora as a playable character. I told my supervisor that if they ever put Sora in the game, I absolutely wanted to be the one to design his moveset. I was a combat design intern, and that would have been my dream character to work on.

Dang! I would have been excited to work on that too! It's a good sign that any Kingdom Hearts showed up in such a mainline Disney series. Having watched Disney's attitude towards the series change so slowly over the past fifteen years, it was absolutely heartwarming to see another Disney game welcome it. The thought of Sora being in the hearts and minds of the dev team brings a tear to my eye. Thanks again for your part in making such a fun game.

(I also have to mention how startling it was to see the Disney Infinity character designs recycled for a line of action figures that I saw at Walt Disney World last October. There was no mention of the game or the design's origins anywhere on the boxes. It was a little jarring to see and if felt cold-hearted given how quickly Disney Infinity seemed to vanish. It made me wonder how many other alternate character designs on t-shirts and other merchandise came from shelved Disney ideas I hadn't been aware of.)


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