SEGA Reveals Team Sonic Racing’s Team Eggman Lineup

Burbank, California — Jan. 15 2019 — Today, SEGA® announced the rotten members of Team Eggman, a new diabolical squad that will be hitting the track as the final team in Team Sonic Racing™. Fans can pre-order the game both physically and digitally for Sony PlayStation® 4, Microsoft Xbox® One and Nintendo Switch™, with a digital only release on PC.

Get to know the speed demons in the Team Eggman pit crew by checking out the descriptions below:

● Eggman [Technique] - a.k.a. Dr. Ivo Robotnik is the main archenemy of Sonic, with a personal goal of achieving world domination
● Metal Sonic [Speed] - one of Eggman’s lethal creations, this cold, violent machine aims to prove that he’s the better hedgehog between him and the Blue Blur
● Zavok [Heavy] - the leader of the Deadly Six, a demon-like being that continues to battle Sonic and friends whenever the opportunity arises

To pre-order the physical edition of Team Sonic Racing, please visit www.teamsonicracing.com. The digital edition can be pre-ordered at participating retailers.


Tue Jan 15 19 03:25pm
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Some of these teams are really questionable. I understand that it's not like Eggman has a lot of friends, but I'm pretty sure he could find someone better than the guy he tortured and wants to kill him.

Sega, stop with the Lost World villains, they were terrible designs in a terrible game and they deserve to die like the game itself.


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