GDC 2019 to host classic postmortem on Paperboy

Paperboy was the very first game I played on the NES using my NES Advantage. I got the game and controller as a gift for a birthday, and I'll never forget the time I spent with both. Paperboy was such a simple game, but a ton of fun! I actually still play it to this day, and soon enough, I'll get to learn more about how it was made.

GDC 2019 this year will host a postmortem on the classic game Paperboy, and it'll offer up some insight into the game's development and release. Check out the official panel details below.

One of this year's Classic Postmortems will give you a rare look at the development of a coin-op classic. John Salwitz, a veteran creator who's worked on everything from 'Rampart' through 'Klax' to 'Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault', will deliver a Classic Game Postmortem of Atari's 1985 arcade hit 'Paperboy'!

Salwitz was a co-creator of 'Paperboy', and at GDC he'll walk you through the design and development process that culminated in the creation of a modern classic. Expect to get an inside perspective on working at Atari, the nuts and bolts of arcade game design in the '80s, and the untold story of developing a timeless game that features plenty of inadvertent window-shattering and running away from bees.

The audience will go away having learned more about early coin-op game creation process, behind the scenes of the classic title.

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One of the earliest games I remember playing, there were even earlier. I think it was the C64 where I played it first. I'm getting old, unfortunately. I really liked it. I remember Klax as well, it reminded me of Tetris in a way.


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