Reminder: Wii Shop closes January 30, 2019

Dear Nintendo fans,

As previously announced, the Wii Shop Channel will close for good on January 30, 2019. The ability to add Wii Points was removed earlier this year, but if you still have any Wii Points that you wish to spend, you must do so before January 30, 2019.

If you have any questions, please see our Q&A.

Please also note that as the Wii Shop Channel closure date approaches, remaining video-on-demand services on Wii will be ending as well.

Thank you for supporting Wii Shop Channel and for being such great fans of Nintendo.


Your Friends at Nintendo

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I will miss ya, Wii shop, RIP Wii shop 2006-2019.

and soon it will be RIP 3DS eShop.....

Yup. Thats the sad truth.

Not as soon as you think. Nintendo's president just said it will continue to support the 3DS for a while longer. The Wii Shop was around 13 years old

i Have 1000 Points left. Someone recommend someting

I would recommend either muscle March or a VC game.

Thu Jan 17 19 03:16pm
Rating: 2

Any one of Konami’s Rebirth series are solid, WiiWare exclusive choices. I’ve bought them myself based on numerous reviews and a lot of research, but haven’t played them yet.

It consists of Castlevania Rebirth, Contra Rebirth, and Gradius Rebirth. I’ve heard Contra’s the best.

There’s also an exclusive Excitebike game on it.

There’s also the two Lost Winds games, but you can only get one, and the first ends on a cliffhanger. They were technically ported to iOS, but they don’t work on it anymore and were delisted years ago. It’s an open world 2D platformer where you use the pointer to create winds to get you around. It’s really cool. XD

I know a bunch of WiiWare games had demos. NyxQuest is one of them. It has a similar gimmick to Lost Winds, I believe (it’s been awhile since I played it) except its level-based. It had a Steam port, but it was really a game developed for Wii.

And Yet it Moves is also like that, on Steam but built for the Wii’s motion controller first and foremost, so its best played on it. It’s a really fun, creative platformer that has you shifting the whole level as you move through it. I THINK that has a demo too, and I’m pretty sure it’s also 1000 wii points.

Finally, there’s two games that are 500 points each that are just...weird, but haven’t bought yet. Tomena Sanner is one I heard great things about. It’s basically an auto runner where you need to press the A button to get through obstacles. Muscle March wasn’t so well received, but I’m getting it because it’s just a weird looking game. You play a muscled individual chasing after someone who stole their protein powder. You need to pose with the Wiimote and nunchuck to get through holes in the wall.

Hoped that helped. If you want something more in-depth, both Antdude and Scott the Woz have fairly good videos looking at games in the Wiiware library. Aside from Musclemarch, these recommendations are based on those videos, among other reviews.

Thank you. It did help me

Thu Jan 17 19 03:54pm
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Ive got 2000 points to buy the last two art style and I'll probably spent the last 800 on Warioware DIY.

Thu Jan 17 19 10:25pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Probably better to spend the last 800 points on something more worthwhile. Not much you can do with D.I.Y. Showcase except magnify whatever you have on your DS cart. There are only a handful of microgames included from the start; everything else had to be downloaded through WFC, which was shut down a while ago.

Technically, you can still access every microgame (including those that were made available exclusively in Europe or Japan) via homebrew, but if that's not an option for you, then there isn't much of interest in Showcase.

Other games for your consideration:

- LiT's apparently a pretty solid puzzle game from WayForward.

- Maboshi's Arcade is another decent puzzle game and one published by Nintendo itself.

- Adventure Island: The Beginning might be worth checking out if you liked other games in the series.

- Rainbow Island: Towering Adventure! is solid, but also available on Xbox 360.

If you none of those tickle your fancy, or you already have them, there are plenty of solid VC releases that might interest you.

I also recommend for Tomena Sanner, especially if you like having a bit of silliness in your games.

I wouldn't recommend Muscle March due to the lack of responsiveness of the controls, which can get really annoying once the game starts speeding up. Hopefully, that's just my experience and others have experienced otherwise.

I think I've something like 600 points from memory, not enough from anything good. It'll be a sad day, but it had a good innings.

Thu Jan 17 19 04:39pm
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Get a Turbo Graphx 16 game, they’re all pretty stellar. I recommend soldier blade

It's too bad none of these prices were adjusted since some games have Wifi features that no longer work

With my last batch of Wii Points, I got some of Hudson Soft games from VC, Ninja Jajamaru-kun (a Mario Bros. esque game based on Japanese yokai), Super Smash Bros., Excitebike World Rally, Muscle March, Eco Shooter, and Sonic 4 Ep. 1. Maybe my regret is that last one. Sorry, no Steam for me as of now.

Did you try Muscle March yet. It looks one of a kind but doesn't seem like more than a short thrill?

I did, and you got that right. It was originally an unreleased arcade game, and it sure feels like that. I got it mostly for the weirdness factor. But yeah, even though it's 500 points, you're probably better getting something else.


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