Japanese Pokemon fans pick Piplup as the cutest starter Pokemon

Japanese Pokemon fans have picked who they believe to be the cutest starter Pokemon. In a Goo Raking poll, 2,613 people cast votes for the starters they consider to be irresistibly cute. Here's how things panned out. See if you agree with the ranking!

21. Chespin - 13 votes
20. Treecko - 23 votes
19. Turtwig - 25 votes
18. Tepig - 27 votes
16. Chimchar - 33 votes
16. Totodile - 33 votes
15. Froakie - 34 votes
14. Popplio - 35 votes
13. Mudkip - 48 votes
12. Snivy - 62 votes
11. Oshawott - 81 votes
10. Litten - 86 votes
9. Fennekin - 93 votes
8. Rowlet - 104 votes
7. Cyndaquil - 149 votes
6. Torchic - 188 votes
5. Bulbasaur - 220 votes
4. Chikorita - 231 votes
3. Squirtle - 294 votes
2. Charmander - 309 votes
1. Piplup - 525 votes

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The cutest *starter Pokemon

People don’t think Chespin is cute? What’s wrong with these people?

I thought that Fennekin would have placed much higher.

Braxien is the favorite because of obvious reasons and Japan. Though I had the same thought-process, mad disrespect to Chespin too.. 😢😢

Thu Jan 17 19 05:48pm
Rating: 2

Shouldn't Eevee and Pikachu also tehcnically count as starters?

This is acceptable, but Turtwig and Chimchar not being higher enrages me. But Wooo Ninja Frog isn't high on the list woo. I demand Smash Ultimate include Empoleon as a Fighter! 👀👀

Chespin, Turtwig and Rowlet should be higher. :O

Bulbasaur in the top 5? Genwunners have gone too far.

WTH is wrong with you?! Bulbasaur is awesome.

Wed Jan 23 19 01:52am
(Updated 1 time)

No disrespect. Awesome and cute aren't (neccessarily!) the same thing!

IMO these guys are all way more adorbs.

You have a point, but it doesn't matter because Bulbsaur's also a lil' cutie.

I would personally put Bulbasaur over Cyndaquil, Fennekin, and Popplio, but they're also pretty adorable. Honestly, there isn't a single not-cute starter.

Bulbsaur's also a lil' cutie.

Sorry. Mottled poison frogs with green Jimmy Neutron hair just don't make me squee like the others.

Me dodging your attempts to make Bulbasaur look cute through trading cards:

I would personally put Bulbasaur over Cyndaquil, Fennekin, and Popplio
I don't agree with what you're saying but I'd defend to the death your right to say it. ^_^

Oh look... Gen 1 makes the top five... shocking...

I don't know what the audience was that got polled, but it's possible a lot of them weren't really familiar with later gens, having only played generation 1 (and maybe 2) when they grew up and then never played another game again. I know a lot of people in real life like that, and if you were to ask them who their favorite starter is, of course they're gonna pick a gen 1 starter

Chikorita is number 4. I am happy about this. Chikorita is by far my favorite starter (though despite that, I never picked Chikorita as a starter!) and it's nice to see a lot of others think Chikorita is cute too.

I have a tougher time ranking the rest than I thought!


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