Official Darksiders Twitter account says 'perhaps' when asked about a Switch release

Could the Darksiders franchise make its way to Switch at some point? According to the official Darksiders account, that's indeed a possibility. When a fan asked if the Darksiders franchise had a Switch release in its future, the Darksiders Twitter account responded by simply saying, "Perhaps." We certainly hope it does come over, and we'll be keeping tabs!

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I got Darksiders on Wii U and it was fun and difficult but a glitchy mess after a while.

Darksiders 2 worked pretty well, but Darksiders 1 was really buggy. Mostly playable, but a few areas took me hours to get through due to falling through the floor.

When you speak of 1, do you mean the original or Warmastered? And which platforms?

I've got 1 (original and Warmastered) and 2 on Steam. I know 2 on Steam is a bit of an unoptimized mess.

Oh, I'm talking about the Wii U versions, so it's the Warmastered edition. I don't think they spent enough time with the port, and it was one of the last retail games to be released for the Wii U.

I would buy the Darksiders games for Switch again in a heartbeat for the Switch for the umpteenth time. Superb games! I've yet to play the third one yet, but I've got every intention to...

I'm interested in III as well, but I don't have the PC specs to get it. If they make a Switch version, I would look into getting it.

I, II and III please!! Excellent games (don't know about III though)


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