Pokemon Center locations getting plush dolls for every fully evolved starter Pokemon

The Pokemon Company will be releasing plush dolls for every single fully evolved Starter Pokemon, and they'll be sold through both Pokemon Center locations and Amazon Japan. The line is set to launch on Jan. 26th, 2019, with each plush priced at 3,200 Yen. The lineup includes...

- Venusaur
- Charizard
- Blastoise
- Meganium
- Typhlosion
- Feraligatr
- Sceptile
- Blaziken
- Swampert
- Torterra
- Infernape
- Empoleon
- Serperior
- Emboar
- Samurott
- Chesnaught
- Delphox
- Greninja
- Decidueye (reprint)
- Incineroar (reprint)
- Primarina (reprint)

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