Warframe creative director says adding in cross-platform play would be 'high risk' for them, but content sharing between platforms is doable

Good news! The devs behind Warframe are interested in cross-platform play. Bad news! It sounds like achieving that would be monumental task. Here's what Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair had to say on the matter.

"As a player I would love it. As a developer, it's one of the highest-risk things we can do. Because a lot of the games that are doing it—it's still very early days for this—A lot of those games came late to the platforms and had different negotiating environments to establish their contracts. On top of that, we are a game that is constantly changing. We change the game modes, we change the gameplay. We do huge, huge swings constantly, so, it is something that we're all interested in and we do discuss it."

Something that is more feasible is sharing progress between platforms. According to Mr. Sinclair, it seems the team might focus on that path moving forward.

"Those things are a lot more doable than getting everything in sync and doing complete cross-play. Maybe it's more of a gradual step for us than an overnight switch."

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I would actually really like a progress sync, it would get me playing the Switch version alot more if I could carry my progress back and forth from my established PC character.

I can’t wait for cross-play to become an industry standard (if it ever does). It’s so great to have popular games like Rocket League where it doesn’t matter which platform my friends play on; we can all just join up and have a laugh. It’s something I never thought would ever be possible just a few years ago. It’s just really great for customers, whether it’s being able to play with whoever you like or platform holders having to work harder and harder to make sure that their system is the one you ultimately want to be playing on.

Yeah, constantly synced progression would be a very welcome alternative.

It seems like the app basically does this already, The issue is that the different versions aren't developed in sync right now. The Switch version is behind the XBO/PS4 version, and I believe that version is also behind the PC version.


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