Mortal Kombat 11's slow-mo fatality moments were 'very painful' to make, says Ed Boon

Mortal Kombat 11 is dialing up the fatalities in an interesting way. A number of them have slow-motion moments to really let you take in the gruesome action. In an interview with co-creator Ed Boon, we learn that creating those moments was no easy task.

“In this game, a lot of our fatalities end with a slow-mo of bloody explosions. We always described it as, we want the final image to be something that somebody would want to hang on the wall. It’d be a little sick if you did it, but some really cool thing. Getting that slow down, the blood, the technology to create that blood, was very repetitive, very painful, but absolutely paid off. It makes it feel different from the last game. I love the way our Fatalities end with these kind of splash moments. They’re awesome.”


I couldn't work on gory games. I wonder if you can just say you don't want to.

Of course you can. But might hurt your career in the future. A job is a job, also in the gaming industry. But I think most would respect and understand.

Depends on where you work. If you work at Netherrealm? ... Well... You can, but they won't have any work for you. The company I work for? They'll transfer me to another team, no problem. But yeah, it usually depend if the company have a more diversified catalog of games. If you worked at Nintendo, they wouldn't put you in a Zelda team if you told them you didn't like Zelda, because then you would be unable to give your best efforts, as your heart wouldn't be in it. But if you get a job at Mortal Kombat's studio and then say you don't like gore... Well they'll ask you WTF you are doing there, as they don't have games without it (or they could put you on an Injustice 3 team, but that's IF they are working on one).

Hmmmz. But what if he isn't a part of the actual gore stuff? He/She can still make menus, program etc. I'm just trying to play with the idea a bit. I agree with you, of course, but making a game isa lot of work from what I gather and some people have smaller roles than others.

That's also a possibility. That also depend on the size of a team. Mine right now, everyone do a little bit of everything.

I was referring to more in general, if you worked at a company that does both gory and non-gory games.

Yeah, well, as I said, that depend on where. Some places may be less accommodating. I have the feeling it would be hard to be heard about that at EA for exemple, or in a company too small to accommodate it. But in general? If a company have both kind of stuff and a somewhat balanced set of teams, it should be doable from my experience.

To quote Ghostbusters, “Someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries.”

Sun Jan 20 19 05:11pm
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Yeah, but how painful is it for those who get tortured and killed? Ever thought about that, Mr. Boon?

(Fun fact: I accidently wroteMr"r. Boob" at first)

We're already at 11? Where does the time go? It might be a little redundant to see the same fighting games constantly pop up, but it really is quite the testament to their popularity. I can't help but wonder what kind of games we can expect to see 20-30 years from now that will be getting their 11th installment. It's almost kind of melancholic. Will Mortal Kombat make it to its 22nd main series installment? Will our current gaming titans always be relevant enough to have their voices heard over the newer icons? I'm excited to see what the future holds in this regard. Despite what fate holds for these franchises they've very clearly made their mark and I hope to be able to revisit them in their earliest incarnations weather they stick with us or not.

Man, do I love video games.

Sun Jan 20 19 06:01pm
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"we want the final image to be something that somebody would want to hang on the wall."

If you walked into a house with these images hanging on the wall, you'd be in the house of a psychopath, where you wouldn't be leaving unless in a bodybag or your ground up bones discovered in the back garden a few decades later.

That's what makes it cool!

You know very little of Black and Death metalheads I see! ;)

Boon > Sakurai.

I typed it.

Do you want a medal?

Mon Jan 21 19 04:32am
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I'd feel pain if I were to work on gory parts, not physically speaking


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