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2 weeks at number 1, been a while since Nintendo has done that I think.

Let's see if they can go.for three.

I don't think Nintendo have ever had a number 1 title in the charts for 2 weeks in a row, well I've never seen it or don't remember it happening before. Though it's possible some of the Pokemon games may have done it. There was nothing of any real significance released in the past week. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown was the only game that's new and that got to number 2, that's how quiet things are. And it's hardly a major title. I guarantee you this, NSMBUD hasn't a chance of being number 1 next week. Resident Evil 2 releases this Friday.

And soon after Kingdom Hearts...

Really wonder how Travis Strikes Again is doing in the UK charts. Can’t find a single copy anywhere near me. Either it’s doing really well or they’ve printed a very limited run of copies (which wouldn’t be too surprising).

Holy hell, even on a light week it retained #1. For such a low-effort port, this is some very good return on investment.


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