Square-Enix grabs trademark for Octopath Traveler term "HD-2D"

Back when Square-Enix was first explaining what Octopath Traveler was all about, they were using the term "HD-2D" to describe the visuals. It seems Square-Enix has really taken a liking to that term, as they've now trademarked both “HD-2D” and “HD2D” in Europe.

With Square-Enix grabbing the trademark for this term, it's not crazy to think that they'll be using similar visuals for another title going forward.

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Of course! FF6 in HD2D is going to be a thing!

I'd happily buy that. I've had a FF6 that I haven't scratched for years because I'm waiting for them to remake it like the other ones.

Mon Jan 21 19 02:43pm
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Throw in the option of no VA/English and Japanese VA (forthe more modern feel) and orchestral music (Still keeping the MIDI option) and this could be a hit for both older generations (like me) and the younger!

Hey, Nintendo! Money hat Squeenix and make this happen!

But in portable mode it doesn’t run in HD Smile

Quickly, someone trademark FullHD2D and 4K2D

Super Mario RPG!!!!!! Do it!

I hope so. That art style is delicious.

The art style of Octopath is amazing, but I do hope they don't overuse it and try other things too. It wouldn't be as interesting after a couple of games using it.


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