Nintendo looking to hire Switch Online manager

Nintendo is looking to hire someone to take their Switch Online service and features to the next level. The company recently posted a job listing for a Switch Online manager, with the details and aspects listed below.

We are looking for an experienced manager who can lead and drive Nintendo’s online subscription service. This is an opportunity for the successful candidate to help grow an emerging part of Nintendo’s core business and lead a cross-functional team of stakeholders across the organization to align on priorities and execute with excellence. This role will be responsible for managing the Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) operations and drive the program priorities, execution, and business objectives.


Establish the key objectives and goals of the Nintendo Switch Online service that will support the overall priorities of the business.
Establish key KPIs, metrics and analytics to evaluate the performance and progress of the program on an on-going basis.
Responsible for the definition, planning, communication and execution of initiatives related to the program that will drive the program to reach and exceed objectives and goals.
Responsible for articulating scope and deliverables initiatives to key stakeholders across the organization – Marketing, Legal, Finance, Consumer Service, Strategic Communications, as well as others.
Collaborates with and garners support from key stakeholders to ensure program initiatives are executed timely and with excellence.
Communicate program performance, opportunities, and strategy to key stakeholders, including executive level management.
Identify and lead the resolution of issues or barriers to the program/product goals.
Closely partner with Marketing leads to develop product positioning, messaging, and content for the consumer Supports and drives NSO marketing initiatives and programs
Closely partner with the product development team to drive the product roadmap and ensure delivery of the best service possible to our consumers.
Work with our parent company in Japan to drive global initiatives and provide a two-way dialogue regarding service performance and feature enhancements.

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Well it looks like they are aiming to make some changes to their Online infrastructure, I assume they are not satisfied with the consumer attachment to their current design. Whoever gets the gig, please bring in voice chat and an account that we can truly invest into.

Ignore our online service for the last ten years.

THANK GOD they need one BADLY! If I were Nintendo I'd be money hatting whoever is in charge of Xbox Live.

Get headhunting Nintendo. Bring in somebody from one of your competitors. Either one is doing a better job at online right now.

His/her firstjob is as follows:

- Online chat without the need for the app (we know it works)

- Show the fans that this is truly the successor to the VC (so throw in SNES, N64 GC, GB, GBA and nn Nintendo emus)

- Get some dedicated servers in there! Lag parties are not fun, Nintendo!

I know we all agree that this would be a nice start.

"Establish the key objectives and goals of the Nintendo Switch Online service that will support the overall priorities of the business."

Screwing customers owners, make it more regressive with each generation.

Someone from the west, or at least someone experienced enough to know that catering to Japan only with the simplistic and dated structure is a horrible idea.

Mon Jan 21 19 03:38pm
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Step One: Just copy what your competition is doing. There is no Step Two.

Thu Jan 24 19 07:17am
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Please don't.

It's already insulting to pay 20$/year for nothing, let alone 60$/year for (almost) the same...

(Come to think of it, copying the competition is precisely the reason that has led us to this sorry paid online situation at all, isn't it?)

I'm not getting my hopes up.

I hope this does not reduce the number of Switch games with 4 player local. I hate the low number of 4 player local games that don't play like flash games that the other systems offer.

People do have some unrealistic expectations, but the service does need improving.
GameCube games will not be added without an additional cost, and possibly N64. Dedicated service will not improve many games (including Smash) where each frame needs to be synced as much as possible. The voice chat is the one that confuses me, it doesn't make sense to lock it to the app.

I highly doubt things will get any better.

Best of luck to the new hire.

Nintend of America are hiring them. They have been hiring quite a few staff over their lately. I guess they are getting put in "charge" of Nintendo Online.

And in the end, this may not fix all the online issues.


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