My Time at Portia dev compensating unpaid voice actors after multiple complaints

My Time at Portia will soon be making its way to Switch, and hopefully by the time it releases, the game's current sticky situation with unpaid voice actors will be completely taken care of.

Reports of payment issues for the game's voice actors have been coming in since 2018. Multiple voice actors say they were never paid for their work, and requests to fix the issue went ignored. Panthea Games, the developer of the title, has taken to Twitter today to say the payment issue was due to an oversight, and is being ironed out now. Some voice actors from the game have confirmed that they are indeed receiving payments, with some getting their compensation as of today.

The issue should have never happened to begin with, but at least things are being rectified now. Let's hope everyone gets their payment and all involved can move past this ugly situation.

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Anyone have any idea when it is coming to the Switch? I think said Spring 2019, but was curious if there was a more narrowed down date.

Nothing confirmed other than that yet. I'm sure that Indie showcase today will give us a good idea.

No, you're right, Spring is what they said. So anywhere between March and May. They haven't given an exact date yet.


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