Tons of gameplay details and mechanics revealed for SteamWorld Quest

Image & Form revealed the newest game in the SteamWorld franchise today, SteamWorld Quest. The wonderful NintenDaan had a chance to talk with developer Brjánn Sigurgeirsson all about the game. You can check out the full interview above, or read up on the bulletpoints below!

- Quest is not part of the timeline that is seen in SteamWorld Dig, Dig 2 and Heist
- Quest is similar to Heist in some ways in terms of the characters
- Quest is a card battle RPG
- the core of the game is solid and serious, but still maintains the regular SteamWorld humor
- use cards to earn gear
- you have the ability to redraw cards
- level up your characters and explore various areas
- Quest plays out somewhat like a play, with one full screen of gameplay acting as a 'scene'
- the focus is on the gameplay itself, and not exploration
- gain experience at the end of each battle
- create your own deck of cards
- the main character pretends that she is a hero, but she actually isn't
- her goal is to see if she can become a hero
- the main character speaks in “quotes” and narrates her adventure

Thanks to Jacktendo92 for the heads up!
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This game just sound better and better

"Quest plays out somewhat like a play, with one full screen of gameplay acting as a 'scene' "

I thought I noticed that. I find that a bit weird. The game looks nice graphically and I&F are great developers so I'm sure it'll be great. That's a lengthy interview so I'll have to set some time aside to listen to it. My initial impression is that it's not grabbing me the way the other 2 games did. That can definitely change, I need to see more of it.

You're absolutely right, Nintendaan is wonderful.

Was kinda hoping Steam Powered Giraffe was gonna do the OST for this one too. Their song selection in Heist was pretty good

I like these guys (Image & Form and NintenDann)... I'd LOVE to get to talk to them one day. I feel like that it could become some very interesting couple of hours. xD
Image & Form is clearly a place I'd LOVE to work.


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