Nyko Intercooler Stand for Switch seeing release on Feb. 8th, 2019

The Intercooler for Nintendo Switch is the best way to guard against cramped, poorly ventilated entertainment setups. The Intercooler increases the airflow to the Nintendo Switch consoles and allows the dock to be placed horizontally or vertically. Built with one quiet, high-efficiency cooling fan, and powered by a short USB cord, the built-in temperature sensing technology ensures the unit will turn on and off automatically without any prompting from the user. While attached the Intercooler only uses one USB port and still allows access to all important ports on the console. The Intercooler is the ideal dock attachment to help protect your investment.

- Increases the airflow to the Nintendo Switch console
- Built-in sensors automatically turn the Intercooler on and off as needed
- Plugs in through a USB port on the dock
- Allows the Nintendo Switch dock to be placed horizontally or vertically

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Wasn't Nyko the one who made cooling units that actually burned up consoles in the past? I recall a bunch of PS3 suffering because of such things...

Yes, I heard the Nyko intercooler for 360 melted the 360's power cord because it doesn't have it own power supply and was pulling form the 360's. I would not let this near my Switch.

How can this really work? Where did people get the idea that the switch gets very hot to the point that it damages the overall system?

It's might be useful for people who place their consoles in poorly ventilation places.

Other than that I wouldn't know why one would buy such a device.

Thu Jan 24 19 07:57am
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If you're talking about dust free zone, that is borderline impossible for many to have.

Also having more vents doesn't fix the suppose heat the switch deals with.

Thu Jan 24 19 11:47am
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I honestly don't know who it is for. I think this product is aimed at the misinformed.

There might be a special case for it to be useful but its even more rare than when the planets are aligned on a Friday the 13th after Netherlands has won the World Cup.

I feel there is a fair case to be made regarding the heat issue for the switch. Whilst I am sure that there are varying degrees of experience regarding heat we cannot discount those that are experiencing issues or have reason to be concerned.

Australia is a fairly hot place and I can imagine there are a few australians which may feel more comfortable having some sort of additional cooling on their system as beneficial even if just for piece of mind.

Whilst I have not experienced heat related issues I do feel my switch is somewhat warm to the touch just sitting idle in my dock.
A friend has experienced similar issues and has had to replace the back panel due to it cracking under the heat.

Nyko has a fairly spotty reputation particularly in regards to its cooling and switch docks but it would be interesting to see how this performs and the long term quality of the unit.

I believe this unit will be made available in australia at the end of Feb.
I may consider testing one out if I can find a simple thermal probe so that I may be able to gauge the internal and external temps of the switch as well as the rooms ambient temperature to give a more accurate reading.


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