Capcom says, "No, not at this time," to Resident Evil 2's remake hitting Switch

Resident Evil 2's remake is one of the hottest games around right now, but it's not available on Switch. Could that ever change? Here's what Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn had to say when asked that question.

"No, not at this time. We just wanted to focus on PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the moment."

You can read into that statement however you like. I guess there's some wiggle room for the game hitting Switch some point down the road, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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If they change their mind hopefully they don't port it in the way they did Resident Evil 7.

I hope not either. It would be pretty annoying to have it be a Cloud port.

Resident Evil 2 will be on the Switch 2. :p

Whatever, but get a VR mode in there. Boy would that be a hit.

Just make sure the original it doesn't miss the N64 mini or it's eventual addition to the N64 Online service (coming in 202X).

Fri Jan 25 19 04:55pm
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Doubt the Switch could handle it anyway.

I'm sure the guys that ported Doom and Wolfenstein will have a lot to say about that.

Switch can handle it. its a game that runs in fps on ps4 and xbox one. switch can handle 30fps version of it at 720p. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igu1tuNbDrM&t=333s heres a unoptimized version of it running on the gpd win 2. which is a bit similar to the switch.

Never knew about the GDP Win hardware thanks!

I will say though that it has double the RAM with 8GB compared to the Switch’s 4GB. CPU-wise they look similar and the GDP Win 2 uses an Intel GPU (integrated into the CPU) and they’ve never been powerful so all things considered the Switch should indeed easily be able to run anything the GDP Win 2 can

Interesting. So the claims from some "expert know it alls" who think that Switch can't handle this game have been exposed. It's a matter of whether Capcom decides to go through with it or not. (Something tells me they will; despite a tentative start, they HAVE been stepping it up lately, and given that this one was a long time in development it wouldn't surprise me that it will probably be a "late port" at most.

The Switch can absolutely run any PS4 or XBOX ONE game. All it needs is some real effort into porting the game, which does cost a lot of time / money.

One thing that I should mention is that the article forgot to mention this specific sentence.

"This information was revealed to GameRant at E3 2018, during a time when there still wasn't information on the remake otherwise."

My point is that this newest article is sourcing an OLD quote from back in E3 2018. It's not anything recent. Sorry if it seems like I'm damage controlling, but from what I saw, this is back from 2018, not in 2019. The article itself may have been written today, but the quote is from yesteryear.

So basically there is still hope.

Fri Jan 25 19 07:28pm
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Unfortunately Capcom's support for the Switch has been overall questionable. We mostly get the old ports, overdue releases or retro compilations. Only Megaman 11 is something NEW.

I am not expecting much from Capcom besides old ports or retro compilations.

Edit: M11 uses MT framework, not unreal.

Fri Jan 25 19 07:50pm
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Actually, it uses MT Framework.

Fri Jan 25 19 08:07pm
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I got my source wrong. thanks for pointing that up Smile

If it’s possible to bring over then I’d love to see it happen. Otherwise, it’d be nice to see them remake a different RE game for Switch specifically. Maybe Zero in the style of this RE2 remake, harken back to the Nintendo exclusivity it had for a good few years.

Of course not. This game has been in development far too long for them to rush out a Switch port on launch day. It wouldn't be worth holding the other versions back because of it. I don't think it could run at a good speed on the platform anyway, at least not without extra work. I don't know if it's as intensive as REVII though, since if RE Remake can come to Switch, I think this should be able to with a lot of time as well, though that's the key, it would need a lot of time and polish.

This should really surprise nobody

It's basically a matter of whether Capcom thinks it's a worthwhile investment or not. Personally, I still hope it happens. I would love to see this on Switch, especially since RE has a rich history with Nintendo gamers. Hopefully it'll come to pass.

I think it would be pretty cool if we also got the N64 RE2 on a N64 Mini or an online app for Switch. That way we would still have a version of RE2 to play and if the remake comes then we could compare and contrast on the same system.

Sat Jan 26 19 09:04pm
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That WOULD be very interesting indeed. I like comparing and contrasting. Here's hoping it happens. Given that they said "at this time" it does leave the door open for a port. At least they didn't say it will never happen.

Then they won't get my money till they do.

They want to wait so they can re-release it and hopefully get triple (or is it quadruple?) dippers.

If this gets a port, it'll just be another worthless streamed game... Does anyone REALLY think Capcom would actually spend the time and money on a proper port?


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