3DS capture card maker shutters

Katsukity is the company that many people used to get their capture cards for 3DS. Truth be told, they were the only company who was actually creating these capture cards. Their time has come and gone though, as the company has gone bankrupt and now closed. We don't know the reason as to why things went south so quickly, but it might have something to do with the 3DS' decline, coupled with Japanese laws changing recently.

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Well, that sucks. I was thinking of finally get one. Sad


Now I'm sad

I went to Tokyo and dropped by at their store few months ago to get capture card installed on my 3DS.
If it weren't for the language barrier, I would have asked if they can add a external controller support

Their end made me wish I tip them but in Japanese culture that's disrespectful

That sucks.
If you have a New 3DS/New 2DS XL and CFW you can stream 3DS gameplay to your PC over wi-fi. It isn't perfect, but it looks like it will be the only option now.

Or there's emulation which can arguably do better.

But I'm sure someone will make a solution through modding hardware.


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