Does this giant creepy Pikachu make you want to buy this house?

I couldn't tell you why, but realtor Robert Ellin of Berkshire Hathaway homesale decided it would be a good idea to include a giant Pikachu in nearly all the pictures of a listing for a home in Baltimore, MD. Yes, most pictures on the listing have Pikachu in it. Some are creepy like the one above, and others are just Pikachu hanging out in various rooms. It might seem like an odd choice to help sell a home, but I guess it'll get people talking! Check out the listing here.

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As a Cleveland native, I instinctively hate Baltimore. That said, I would absolutely buy if Pikachu comes with the house.

To keep it short, yes. Yes I would like to own that house

As long as he cleans and does the dishes he can live with me.

Nah. What makes me want to buy the house is that on my current salary I could afford a down payment and have it paid off in a decent amount of time. Which is appealing since where I live that house would cost around $1,000,000 CAD.

Thu Feb 07 19 11:39pm
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Yes but only if other people can see the Pikachu too.

I'm not taking chances with any ghost Pikachus.

No Pikachu in the bathroom mirror?


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