RUMOR - Nintendo Direct set for Feb. 13th, 2019

We're all hungry for the next Nintendo Direct. The stretch of time between the last Direct and now has actually been the longest-running stretch between Directs since they started! When on earth is Nintendo going to break this streak? Rumor has it that Feb. 13th, 2019 is the lucky day.

This info comes from King Zell over on Resetera. King Zell has an insane track record with leaking Nintendo details, and has been spot-on with his teases time and time again. It's very clear that he's in-the-know when it comes to Nintendo inside info, so this tease definitely comes with a bit of credibility.

As for what to expect from the Direct, King Zell says that Metroid Prime Trilogy is quite likely. On top of that, Zell goes on to speculate what other games might get a mention/reveal. According to Zell, Nintendo has titles like Pikmin 3, Super Mario Maker 2, BoxBoy, Pokemon, and a 2D Zelda to showcase. There's also some other Japanese third party titles to look forward to, Zell says that Japanese devs are stepping up their game.

Just to be clear, the only game King Zell feels sure enough to mention as part of the Direct is Metroid Prime Trilogy. The other titles he indeed believes to be in development, but has no idea when they'll be showcased.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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oh my mistake I could've sworn it came out in late Jan. Oh well RE2 was enough to satisfy me personally.

I hope it's true! I need me some delicious Nintendo news.

So far, January has been kinda lame for me when it comes to new games, and it's not just Nintendo. Hope this direct is true. Smile

A month with Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry 5, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is hardly a lame month IMO. I dont even care about KH.

DMC5 isn’t out until March ;)

oh my mistake I could've sworn it came out in late Jan. Oh well RE2 was enough to satisfy me personally.

Fri Feb 08 19 04:41pm
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I hate to be the one to break it to you, but we're in February, have been for a little over a week now. Just for safe measure, it's also the year 2019. You didn't, by chance, fall asleep under a tree recently? 😂

Fri Feb 08 19 08:34pm
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I know it's February. XD I guess it's better to say that so far this year, the entire month of January was kinda lame when it comes to me looking for any interesting game. It's the only month that already ended where February still has a bit of a way to finish.

Clicked upvote instead of replying. Sorry, I was just having a laugh, but I do agree with you. The only game they've released this year is a Wii U port, and Yoshi's Crafted World, their first new game of the year has been deliberately delayed, despite being finished some time ago. It should be a great game.

Fri Feb 08 19 03:40pm
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That lineup of games is in too good to be true territory... I'd love to be wrong of course.

Edit: I believe now. I want everybody to know that I believe.

I personally never put stock in rumours. If it turns out to be true you're not surprised, if it's wrong you're disappointed.

Yeah, that's precisely why I don't like rumor-merchants and potential leakers. I've gone from clamoring for video game information to just preferring the game companies announce the game in their own planned time.

Leakers aren't really doing any favors for anyone other than themselves.

This person has a good track record but I'm also very upset that leaked games, they could have given the date, and that would have been enough, its next week, people will be fine. No need to ruin announcements as well. People can wait a week to find out games, in fact they would prefer that. The only fair thing to leak was the date. Same reason Emily Rogers has gone from blatantly leaking games to just teasing them, she doesn't want to ruin announcements for consumers or Nintendo.

Emily Rogers is a weird case. I get the impression she's playing coy because she wants that fleeting rush of "being in the know" and lording it over the rest of us, but she doesn't want to say enough to get her or her contacts in trouble. I've gotten really tired of her games, and I'm glad RMC hasn't been posting her rumors.

The fact that she is only doing it in forums and not her Twitter and not calling attention to it is probably to me indication that she doesn't want that rush of attention. She had years of the rush, I think she is just posting things in order to honestly just calm ResetERA down a bit. Blatantly posting what games are unannounced this year, to me anyways, is reveling that you are in the know over others. If a leaker really wants to respect the general public, they won't flat out ruin an announcement (as well if they don't want to hurt the people who are actually working their incredibly hard on the game itself, which was her main reason for being so subtle)

Speaking of which, I sent this rumour in to RMC a couple of days ago but he didn't post it. I don't blame him in a way.

Rumor: Nintendo Working on 11 Unannounced Switch Games for 2019

Some extracts.

Emily Rogers...clarified her claims by saying that the minimum number of unannounced, Nintendo-published Switch games for 2019 will be five, but that there could be as high as 11 or even 12 titles that come out for the console this year.

The “Most likely” Nintendo-published game announcements for 2019. (70% chance or higher)

1. Mystery game #1
2. Mystery game #2
3. Mystery game #3
4. Mystery game #4
5. eShop game #1
6. Mystery Wii U port #1 (2013 title)
7. eShop game #2
8. New Labo Kit

The “Maybe” games for 2019. (The wild card titles – 50% chance or less)

9. Retro Studios secret game (this is assuming it wasn’t canned)
10. Metroid Prime Trilogy (assuming Zell’s info and Imran’s info are correct)
11. Mystery Wii U port #2

The “mystery” Wii U port from 2013 is most likely either Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, or The Wonderful 101, as those were the top Wii U exclusives from that year that aren’t already on the Switch.



It could be hit or miss with Emily. Some of them are common sense and titles already speculated upon. I'll let people make up their own mind. She didn't reveal anything new.

When has Emily ever been right? She was blatantly wrong about Zelda and many other games. She's like a broken clock but all the numbers are missing so she's not even right twice a day.

You are confusing her with Laura Kate Dale, she was the one who made the Zelda rumor and got the original Switch lineup wrong.
Emily has gotten almost everything right recently. She correctly leaked that Let's Go wouldn't be gen 8, Smash would have the Ultimate subtitle, both south park games were coming, Dark Souls a few days before the Direct mini, SNK having a new reveal over a week before the mini, and Switch specs.

EDIT: I guess she corroborated the Zelda delay rumor, but Eurogamer also reported that, so it seems that either Nintendo was spreading purposeful misinformation or a false rumor was spreading around. Nearly everything else she reported on was accurate.

I wanted to write :Well! Don't click on suck posts then", but it is kinds hard to get away from them on the interwebz. When it comes to Emily I was always skeptical. Sure, some stuff was right, but many of those seemd like good guesses also. But then again I am sceptical to most things if not official (oh and people), so thta's me.

This is all bull. It's too good to be true. Mario Maker 2, Pikmin 3 AND and new 2D Zelda? Keep dreaming - it's the only way you'll be able to see that direct!

Yeah that would be E3 levels of megaton announcements. No chance. It's interesting that his rumors suggest Pikmin 3 (i.e. Wii U port) but Mario Maker 2 (i.e. new game). I could believe that a Four Swords style 2D Zelda game is coming. How long has it been since the last one Link Between Worlds? 5 years? It's definitely time. And Switch is the perfect system for such a game.

A Mario Maker “2” would probably be more of a DLC sized update to the original but maybe they’re gonna call it “2” to not make it look like too many Wii U ports :p

2D Zelda has been a rumor by multiple sources for a bit now.
Pikmin 3 is pretty safe.
Mario Maker 2 is the part I'm doubting. If we are getting Mario Maker this year why in the world release NSMBU Deluxe?

If we are getting Mario Maker this year why in the world release NSMBU Deluxe?

Because they both would sell pretty good....?

That's debatable
I'd say once we see Mario Maker NSMBU sales will drop, and it's not like they will have been that incredible before.

Also, sure, Nintendo could put 3 Zeldas out a year, but then people would begin to grow tired of them and the brand would grow over saturated.

I think Mario Maker NSMBU are different enough games that they appeal a bit to different gamers. One you have to work and get creative, which is great, but the other is just sit down and game (with friends). I can see both live together. Zelda not that much, but it's still a long time to we get the next 3D game, so maybe a simple 2D Zelda this year could happen.

Mario Maker 2? 2D Zelda? Metroid Prime Trilogy?

That would all be f*cking fantastic but I feel like it’s too good to be true. I hope it’s true though.

Who says all of those will be in the Direct? Who says stuff like Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, MUA3 and Smash DLC won't?

Prepare for the resurrection of Nintendo's greatest game.


I would be thrilled to see a return of Nintendoland using Switch features.

I really hope it's not on Wednesday your time, because that would be 1 or 2 in the morning on Thursday.

Are you in Europe? If so expect to have a very very early morning Direct.
It sucks but North America and Japan are Nintendo's 2 biggest markets, they are going to prioritize those no matter what. Its not a great thing but its the best possible way to show the Direct to as many people as possible.

I'm in Australia. Occasionally there will be a Direct that's at about 8am (which is annoying becauseI'm getting to school then), but it's usually aftermidnight.

Oh so you are Japan time about right? So it should be 7-10AM Wednesday correct?
Thats normally the time Nintendo has been going with recently. The Smash one wasn't, but that was a game focused Direct so its schedule was different (I remember Xenoblade 2's was far more favorable for Japan than America, for instance)

Fri Feb 08 19 03:55pm
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Mario Maker, Pikmin AND Zelda in a Direct? That's definitely too good to be true.
Edit: Oh, that's what he said too. Nvm.

Besides Mario Maker 2 nothing on that rumored list excites me personally. Getting a bit sick of old ass full priced ports on Switch. Honestly I'd rather just get more info on stuff we already know about like Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Bayonetta 3, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Old ass ports like a new 2D Zelda...
Also, no one said that is the only games Nintendo will show during the Direct. This person has had a good track record of leaks in the past, meaning they have a specific source. Its almost impossible that one source knows every game that will show in the Direct, most NoA employees don't know Nintendo's full lineup until right before its announced.
Obviously we will be hearing about some of the games you listed.

Don't get me wrong I will buy that new 2D Zelda but it's not a game that I'm going "OMG HYPE!! I need to buy day one!" I much prefer 3D Zelda's personally. If this is the game Furukawa is talking about "Fans will be excited for" I personally will be disappointed. Yeah it's my fault for expecting something else but I'd much prefer something like a new DKC, F-Zero, Punch-Out!!, Star Fox (that's actually good) Warioware, or Rhythm Heaven game then yet ANOTHER Zelda/Mario/Pokemon game.

As for the port thing I was obviously referring to Pikmin 3 and Metroid Prime Trilogy. Don't get me wrong I want those games to have more people experience them. I just HATE that Nintendo charges a full $60 price tag with barely any additional content to boot. No other developer/publisher re-releases their old games at full price but people constantly give Nintendo a pass. Also it sucks for us people who have owned and played these games before because Nintendo treats them as the "big hot new release of the month". Part of the reason why I felt Nintendo's 2018 was extremely lackluster (with the exception of Smash).

Okay fine. With that said, there will be other things in the Direct, though they might not be first party. Honestly if you are only looking at first party stuff I think you will miss out. But also, if any of those games you listed were the game that Furukawa said would please fans, then there would still be that one person who says "it's not a game that I'm going "OMG HYPE!! I need to buy day one!" ". Fans doesn't mean, every fan, he means as many as possible, every fans would be impossible. People have been demanding 2D Zelda for a while.

BTW I never really care for 2D Zelda, don't need another Mario Maker, already have Pikmin 3 (Ive beaten it 15 times), and I love BoxBoy but I explained why I wanted something else below. But I'm not dissapointed because I already expected that, outside of Rhythm Heaven, there is nothing Nintendo could announce for this year that I would really need. Either it isn't time yet, or its already announced for this year. Ive been wanting a Direct for third party games, so thats still what Im watching for.

(Also, I mean most of those games you listed are impossible this year, Punch-Out isn't happening since Next Level is busy with Luigis Mansion 3, Nintendo would need to outsource for F-Zero (which isn't impossible, they did try for the Wii U but failed, but its very unlikely to happen, but they have no internal teams that could make that), Retro may have been working on a DKC game up until now but rumors indicate Star Fox Grand Prix as the only potential project for this year, I want Q games to make a Switch Star Fox that one honestly isn't that unlikely, we just got a Wario Ware game last year I doubt Intelligent would have one ready for Switch in a single year, Rhythm Heaven should happen this year or next, possibly the second rumored eshop game)

Fri Feb 08 19 05:06pm
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No I'm interested in 3rd parties as well (I own over 70 Switch games). I'm just saying Nintendo could do a bit better when it comes to franchise variety and new games (less ports please!). Honestly like I said I'm not interested in too many new game announcements because honestly the amount of content coming out on Switch in 2019 is already staggering. I honestly don't know how I'm gonna have the time and money to play through *clears throat*

- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
- Yoshi's Crafted World
- Bayonetta 3 (if it comes this year)
- Fire Emblem: Three Houses
- Mortal Kombat 11
- Team Sonic Racing
- Saints Row: The Third
- Darksiders: Warmastered
- Animal Crossing
- Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled
- Luigi's Mansion 3
- Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
- Ace Attorney: Trilogy
- Resident Evil 4
- Doom Eternal

Oh sure.
To be honest they have been pretty good about franchise variety on Switch, they are just reaching their limit on how many games they can produce a year, though I 100% think there is way too much Mario on the system.
In terms of new years we could very well be looking at:
Daemon X Machina
Fire Emblem
Bayonetta 3
Retro's Game
2D Zelda
Animal Crossing
Luigis Mansion 3
That is 12 new games in total, and with no February and January release included that means that there will be months past March with 2 games in them. Add a possible rumored Labo kit, Pikmin 3, Mario Maker (which might be a new game but Im being safe and putting it with the ports) and the Prime trilogy, and you have 16 games over 10 months. Thats a pretty good variety of games, and surprisingly, only 2 Mario games.

Also 70 games is a lot, I have 31 and I thought that was a lot, I agree on that money thing.

Fri Feb 08 19 04:01pm
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I wish Nintendo would do something exciting for once.

" Zell says that Japanese devs are stepping up their game."
Going from 0 to .1? Japanese third party support is pretty pathetic on the Switch, and there hasn't really been anything to indicate that this will change, there's a few outliers like Octopath but the rest is just old ports or shovelware with the occassional current port that has been downgraded well below the performance and visual fidelity of other Switch titles.

Ehhh Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo have been pretty good on the support front.
Square Enix is getting to a very good point IMO and I wouldn't be shocked if we see KH 3, Nier Automata, or both this year.
Capcom on the other hand has been absolutely dreadful when it comes to support, they have released only one single new release on the system. A $30 platformer.....
Konami I don't have to explain.
Atlus isn't a massive company and they took some time with 3DS as well, they like to support previous generations way too late which means they are always slow to come to the current gen platform, so their support it pretty normal for them, same if not better than PS4 at this point.
SEGA has released no exclusives at this point which amazes me, that is an issue.
So 3 of them are doing well, 3 of them are doing pretty bad, and one has a good excuse.
Western support is the one that is pathetic, Japan is accelerating in support as hardware sales grow.

I disagree at least partially, I'd consider Bamco support bad and SE support a combination of good and bad. While support has grown with hardware sales quality support hasn't really, it's mostly just ports, and I haven't really seen anything to indicate that this will change.

Bandai Namco released a lot of exclusives last year? Were they lower budget? Yes, but they weren't shovelware, they were more experimental AA games, and I definitely think that is a good role for Bandai Namco to support. Those are definitely good games to have on a platform, and it seems no other platformer really wants to take on that role. Its just a shame Billion Road bombed so horrifically.
I would say SE has had bad support from their Western studios, but I can't think of anything bad on the Japanese side. FFXV is just running on a horrible engine, and KHIII likely could have come day one, but they would have had to delay the game to add the extra workload in, and at this point they needed ot just focus on getting the game out. Only major misses on their side have been no Secret of Mana remake, which ended up being a save for Nintendo since that remake isn't great, and Nier Automata which should be on the system. Stuff like Left Alive is straight up PS4 exclusive, and that is perfectly fine, PS4 needs continual exclusives just as much as Switch.

Bamco released about 4 shovelware titles last year 1 of them was published by Nintendo, their support is overall poor with a majority of their games missing Switch, even if they could run on it, the strongest support that Bamco are giving to Nintendo are games that Nintendo themselves are publishing, although that number has shrunk by 1. Next year Bamco have Ninja Box, which looks uninspired at best, so whatever.
SE's Japanese support is still quite poor to decent Babylon's Fall won't reach Switch, Kingdom Hearts 3 won't reach Switch, Left Alive which is definitely not a PS4 exclusive since it's coming to PC, but it won't hit Switch, their western studios will undoubtedly reach Switch, but only with ports, the remainder of SE's support is basically ports, old ports, ports that have been to all platforms, it's definitely support but it's never on time, and the quality is often iffy at best, like I said it's kind of mushy, there are good things like DQ builders getting a simultaneous release and Octopath being made for the Switch, and then there's the rest.
Would be nice to see third parties see the Switch in even remotely the same light as the PS4, but it's understandable, the PS4 is the current best selling console, and third parties don't have to compete with Nintendo on it, and their brands are already well established on that platform. Would be nice, but I don't see it ever happening.

Taiko, Billion Road, and Katamari are lower budget but they aren't shovelware.... Switch needs mid budget games that indie devs just can't make, and so far Bandai Namco is the only one willing to make them, so that seems like good support to me.
If it's not coming to Xbox than it's a PS4 exclusive, publishers treat pc as it's own thing, so that would make Babylons Fall and Left Alive for all intents and purposes, PS4 exclusives. It's not bad Switch support if it's not coming to Xbox either. Octopath isn't on PS4, would that mean it's bad support for Xbox to not have it?
Also I think we will hear about a KHIII Switch port this year.

Taiko, and Katamari are both ports, and aren't the games I'm calling shovelware., neither is Billion road. I agree that Switch needs mid budget games, and I'm not calling mid budget games shovelware.
I can't agree with a PC release making it a PS4 exclusive, an exclusive is an exclusive, it's a pretty self evident definition.
I'm doubtful of a KHIII Switch port, with DQ11 it's understandable since Dragon Quest has had a long history of strong success on Nintendo platforms, Kingdom Hearts no so much, only spinoff were made available on Nintendo platforms and I don't think they were anywhere near as successful as the mainline titles.

All the KH games on portables sold over a million. Again, spin offs.
Taikos not a port.


Looking at the dates of Directs in 2018.

8th March - Nintendo Direct
20th March - Nindies Direct

8th August - Nintendo Direct
28th August - Nindies Direct

Maybe they're doing it in reverse this year.

23rd January - Nindies Direct
8th February - Nintendo Direct???

Or possibly 4 days either side of that date.

Nintendo just couldn't let me be right, so they moved the date by 5 days. 😜

As someone who loves Boxboy to an incredible degree.
I am very dissapointed we are getting Boxboy on Switch.
I want HAL to make experimental titles for the eShop, and that means not platformers, let alone not sequels to platformers.
They need to explore other genres, and the eShop needs new ideas, I love Boxboy but that can come as a port later in the system's life, right now on the eShop Nintendo needs new IP. Hopefully the other rumored eShop game is something new, and not something like NES Remix 3.

I'd be very happy to see a new 2D Zelda. The other games I've already played or just don't care about. Super Mario Maker was fantastic, a real sinkhole in terms of hours spent playing it, but a new game I can see largely being more of the same. We'll see though.

I must be the only person who didn't really enjoy Super Mario Maker. But then again I was and am not a huge fan of the concept, for the same reason I also don't really like the NSMB series.

I don't like 2D Mario much in general. I prefer Mario Maker to normal 2D Mario, but even then I like it, I dont love it. I am excited for Game Grumps to get back into Mario Maker, however.

BTW thank you SOOO much for using this image instead of the normal Direct logo, I knew this rumor from the original post so I wasn't shocked by this article, but if people were unaware and so the tweet with the Direct logo, you could have given them a heart attack. So thank you for not doing that!

I would like a Direct for my birthday.

Fri Feb 08 19 05:45pm
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He's got my attention at Super Mario Maker 2. I was worried they were just going to port the Wii U game and slap "Deluxe" at the end of it.

I Direct is due, so I guess that part of the rumour could be easily true.

and I do not think that some of these rumoured games are more suited for E3. First of, E3 this year will probably suffer a LOT from Sony not attending (probably a own event showing of the PS5). MP Trilogy would surprise at all. Wouldn't surprise me they got to work at that when they knew MP4 would be delayed, which for sure is before the told us... And a 2D Zelda could have been in the workds for some time now. Maybe not even from the Zelda team since they are working on the BOTW sequel anyway, or perhaps not the entire team. So that wouldn't be a big surprise to me. Even a 2D Metroid would not suprise me. MArio MAker 2 would be Mario Maker with a lot of more stuff (it's not like you can reinvent it) etc. And games already announced with more info. Just give me some Bayo 3 dammit!

All this in one Direct is perhaps a bit much and I will, as usual wait and see, but it doesn't seem like such big WOW if some of these are true.

Nintendo should start to hype the Switch for 2019 pretty soon, so a Direct coming is kind of obvious.

Hoping it's true but

has an insane track record with leaking Nintendo details, and has been spot-on with his teases time and time again.
I feel like I've read this exact sentence a whole bunch of times before and it doesn't make me confidence.

Oh, a rumor! Let's see where this one comes f-


aaaaaaand I'm back to sleep the sleep of the Seraphims.

Have not heard about Directs on wednesdays
More likely to be the annoucement about a Direct for Valentine Day the day after, for they have had a Direct on the 14 before in 2015

Isn't having a Direct on Valentine's day kinda a bad. Those who are out flirting wont be watching, and those who are a bit too scared but trying to tell their Valentine suddenly have an excuse to stay home and stay afraid? Hmmmzes this one.

I would like Super Mario 3D World and F-Zero on Switch

Do it march. That'll do.

I would buy the Pikmin games for a third time if they released them as a trilogy pack. Then announce Pikmin 4.


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