Emiliano Sala removed from FIFA 19 following his tragic passing

Soccer star Emiliano Sala will be removed from FIFA following his tragic passing. Sala passed away earlier this year in a plane crash. Making the situation even sadder, Sala was taking that flight in order to sign a deal with the Premier League team Cardiff City. You can see what EA had to say on the matter below.

It is with great sorrow that we learn the disappearance of Emiliano Sala. To respectfully honor his story, we will implement the following changes:

Sala will be removed from the FC Nantes team in FIFA.

Sala's FUT cards will no longer be available in the packages.

The price of Sala cards on FUT will remain permanently at the current price.

"We again are sending our serious sincerest sympathies to his family, to Cardiff City to Nantes and to all his fans.

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This is such a sad story. I can say, at least they found his body, eventually. My condolences to his family and friends. It makes you stop and think.

So they removed him from the base game, removed him from lootboxes... But you can still buy him separately?

I honestly don't understand what the goal here is. And my bad side makes me believe they're exploiting this tragedy for higher sales of the individual player, considering the (probably) high demand for him at the moment.

May Emiliano rest in peace.

Sun Feb 10 19 07:15pm
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You can buy him in auctions only. Auctions are only created by players, who do not need the card anymore on their team in hopes to earn some currency to get something better. EA doesn't directly profit from anyone who buys the card from auctions.

The idea of keeping his auction price fixed is more about keeping it fair for players who felt Sala doesn't fit their FUT to still get something from auctioning him off, while also stopping these auctioners from any opportunity of exploiting this tragedy by artificially increasing his price.

That really changes everything. Thank you for the explanation!!

Wouldn't it honor him more to keep him in the game. Why erase him? Seems that is a worse option. Should make him more available to honor him.

Because it would mean that they are using his death to make money.

I mean it really doesn't matter seeing this is easier were talking about here.

So they keep Cristiano Ronaldo, with his bad press, in the game but instead they take out a player that just die, for he is not playing anymore?

It should be the other way around if they want to remove characters from the FIFA games. This just show ”important” CR are for the game and FUT sales, while this other player is just one of many less famous players or teams, that removing him will not effect their sales at all.

They just thought that removing him whould make fans more ”happy” than if they kept him and maybe giving it of as bad taste

Ronaldo was on the cover of the game for millions of copies. EA has put themself into a scenario where removing CR would be false advertising. People have spent various amounts of money, just to have him on their FUT.

Plus, Fifa has marketed itself, more than anything to be a recreation of the professional sports scene. Like it or not, Ronaldo is still a part of Juventus F.C. and must remain on the FIFA version to retain it's accuracy.


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