Mashing up the Switch Joy-Con with classic computers makes for some eye-catching designs

I can't say that I've ever seen a classic mash-up like this, and I'm really digging the results. Ever wonder what the Switch Joy-Con would look like with designs/color schemes that hearken back to classic computers? Artist TheKosmicKollector did, which is why he answered the question himself. I don't know about you, but I'd pay a pretty penny for that ZX Spectrum design!

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That Sinclair pair looks amazing. I recently stumbled upon one at a garage sale. It still works very well unfortunately all the software is counterfeit I guess it was a lot easier back then.

The Commodore 64 design is what I'd go for.

bahamut omega
Mon Feb 11 19 06:23am
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I'd also be up for the C64 design.

Though it looks like it might be one of the earlier case variants with the casing of a VIC-20. Not that I'm being extremely picky about it, as someone who had and has a brown case with a rainbow badge. Only other thing I could think of is a C64C colour scheme.

I'm just curious what a few other computer and console theme based controllers would look like. Just need an Atari 8-bit computer as well if going to start going back.

Given the basic grey set of controllers already available kind of reminds me of a TI-99/4a as well.

None of them are computers I've owned, but they look great... Even better if they had D-pads. I'd love to see an Amiga variation.

What? No Magnavox odyssey?


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