Teachers and children are going wild for Nintendo Labo in the classroom

During their most recent fiscal report, Nintendo said that Nintendo Labo has been shipped off to a number of schools. Classrooms have been interacting with the kits and using them to supplement standard teachings. It seems that bringing Nintendo's unique Toy-Cons into the classroom has been a rousing success for both teachers and students alike.

“This is perfect for our students. It motivates them. That learning is contagious. If you have a student who hates spelling and you can’t get him to focus on it, [and] you’ve tried everything else, you can give him a Switch and I guarantee you 100 percent of kids would jump at doing that.” - Bill Vacca, the assistant principal at Bradt Primary School

Mr. Vacca's comments echo that of many other teachers who have seen their students take to Nintendo Labo unlike anything else. These Toy-Con kits are bringing classrooms together, and teaching children how to really work with one another. If you have a couple of minutes, make sure you check out the full feature here to get a real idea of just how well Nintendo Labo in the classroom is working out.

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Mon Feb 11 19 03:58pm
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I knew when they first revealed Labo that it shouldn't be treated like a game, it's an educational tool which encourages creativity in children. It's good to see that it has found its market and is being warmly received.

Mon Feb 11 19 11:26pm
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I remember a certain individual in the comment section insisted that Labo simply wouldn't work in the classroom because it was too fragile and too expensive.

He completely ignored the fact that Nintendo achieved the same type of success in the classroom with the DS and now again with LABO.


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