Reddit user creates a chart showing every Switch Joy-Con combination possible

Reddit user FoxyPMC must have spent a ridiculous amount of time putting this together. If you ever wondered what every possible combination of Switch Joy-Con would look like, you can now reference the chart above! This chart features every officially-released color combination. Time to hunt down the one you like the most and make it a reality!

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Moldyclay's got some competition for crazily detailed Nintendo charts

Mon Feb 11 19 03:33pm
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For the sake of aesthetics with my room, I'll go with Gray-Gray.

Of course, Joy-Con L can change if I ever come across one with a D-Pad.

I want dual green with a D-Pad so badly it isn't even funny but it's so hard to get both Greens here in the states... Also, one Famicom/one NES for the irony, but Famicom ones are expensive to import

What's the point of the dpad option if it can only be on handheld mode?

Honestly, if you played this smart, this actually shouldn't take a ridiculous amount of time to put together


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