Limited Run Games shares details on ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove's physical release, reveals Collector's Edition

ToeJam and Earl are nearly back with their new game, Back in the Groove! Limited Run Games is handling the physical releases for this one. Here's the details we have on both the regular and collector's editions.

- standard edition preorders open for 45 days starting Friday, February 15th, 2019

- collector's edition includes the game, themed packaging, map puzzle board, 6 enamel pins, 10 pin stands for setting up your own level, environment cutout standees, cassette soundtrack + download code, & a poster
- preorders open on Feb. 14th, 2019 at 10am & 6pm EST


Limited Run Games have been so shoddy lately, and it's become increasingly clear that they care more about money than actual preservation of games. I've preordered Celeste and Iconoclasts, but now I'm just done with them. It's not worth the hassle and I don't want to support a developer that constantly screw people over.

How do they? They're open as can be on their Discord/twitter and try their best to help anyone who has an issue. The open preorders go on for long enough that anyone can get one, and the CEs are the only thing that are tricky to get but even then they open a waiting list for you to sign up for if you miss out. They hardly screw people over, and I say that from my two years of buying stuff from them.

I've been buying from them since last year and have had nothing but a great experience. Not really sure where this "greedy" claim is stemming from. They're pretty transparent with production updates and sales dates.

They've given some BS excuses at times, they rush out certain games instead of waiting for them to be patched, so that the whole "we fear the digital future!" claim falls flat on its face when you get one of their games and have to deal with a patch to get the game up to date. I'll be VERY surprised if they wait for Celeste to get its final DLC, which is announced, before rushing it away to production for example, and when I've asked them about this on Twitter a few times, they haven't answered at all. They've been going after other publishers for publishing physical games in other regions etc. Heard that Battle Princess Madelyn on PS4 in Japan wouldn't have an English option for example since LRG didn't want people importing it from there as they have the Western rights for it. I REALLY dislike what they've become, because I want to like them, but they're making it very hard to do that, so from now on, I'm just going to vote with my wallet.

The reason they "Rush" out certain games is because when they only planned to put the DLC for PJM2 on the cart it ended up being a bad idea since they added balance patches as well, causing the game to get delayed from May 2018 to Feb of 2019. That's pretty absurd and considering how easy it is to download more minor patches like text fixes or obscure bugs, it makes sense for them to skip delaying a game for an absurdly long time just to put a text edit on a card, and just release it with as much significant stuff as possible. Plus even if they do end up putting everything on a card, who's to say a developer won't add an update down the line if they feel like it? That's the reality with modern games sadly, but the Switch does allow for updates to be transferred over local wireless so it's better off for update preservation than the PS4 is.

And the reason they don't answer everyone on Twitter is because it's literally two guys having to do most of the work. That's why their discord is a better place for contacting them since they get flooded on Twitter and most of the time it's people being petty or being upset that they didn't get something in stock. They already mentioned that Celeste will depend on when the actual patch launches, as if it launches pretty soon then they'll add it when the cards/discs go for shipping. Otherwise, it'll just be something that'll be needed. And sniping games from other regions isn't common either, since Play Asia did the exact same thing when it came to Ghost Blade HD, which led to it getting cancelled by LRG since PA offered the same sort of english content-complete disc version that LRG was planning to set up. It sucks, but it's still a reality...

What I'm hearing here are basically more excuses, and just because Play Asia screwed up doesn't make it okay for others to follow suit. And yes, of course patches can be released later, but in the case with Celeste, I think a majority of people would actually prefer waiting for the final chapter to be included, and I for one would definitely wait for that... just like I'd wait for the 64-bit tonic in Yooka-Laylee etc. Even though you say the patches are sometimes"minor", they're still patches, and that still goes against their motto of preserving games. And saying they want physical to thrive while at the same time making developers sign exclusivity deals with them sends out a bit of mixed messaging if you ask me. So yeah, unless they change, I'm done with them...

All excellent points. What's the point of having a physical copy of a game if you have to download extra to play it fully.

I give them credit for making the games in the first place but they live by their name way too much and do such limited releases that you have zero time to get the money together before it sells out some times. Even if the demand is super high they still only make such limited qualities that can't be made by others since they own the rights to distribution.

All of the Switch releases are open order for 2 weeks to a month, only their collector's editions are truly "limited".

I guess that's fair. I thought some only have a limited pre-order amount to sell also. Still, I know they are a tiny team but if they are making a lot off these releases, start hiring some more people, get it to everyone who's willing to pay.

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How much will the standard edition cost?

Ive been waiting for my copy and dust and golf story for months. They delay launches and dont bother to tell customers. Whenever I contact them all I get is links to site release dates that just change. They always give me the runaround whenever I ask why I can buy golf story at best buy and I never received my copy I preordered. So yeah, Im done with them to.

you do realize the reason for that is because Dust has been under ESRB hell for months now and they only just now got the approvals? Anything you order with an item will not ship out until they all ship, so even though GS was out in November it had to wait for dust unless you made them separate orders. Nothing they can really do since their shipping team is so small due to the higher wages they pay them. (double the minimum from what I heard)

I am very glad that Dust's case is finally coming to a close though. Been waiting for my CE for almost my entire year of College.

Still not an excuse for not informing customers about delays. Its not hard to send out an email. And when I do contact them all I get are links. And I should have received my copy of golf story long before it was available for sale on best buy. Still havnt gotten it.

I haven't had any issues with LRG. Their update page is pretty useful.


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