Fire Emblem Heroes hits $500 million in revenue

Sensor Tower, the go-to gang for tracking mobile games, has put out a new report on Fire Emblem Heroes. The game has been Nintendo's biggest wholly-owned mobile game to date, and the latest stats show just how big things have gotten.

- $500 million in revenue since launch
- Fire Emblem Heroes has grossed more than twice the combined earnings of Nintendo’s other mobile titles
- in just five months, the game brought in an estimated $74 million in player spending so far from just five countries
- Japan accounts for 56 percent of total spend
- U.S. accounts for 31 percent of total spending
- 57 regions where the game is available make up 13 percent of its revenue to date
- install base is at 54 percent on Google Play and 46 percent on App Store
- Fire Emblem Heroes returned to No. 1 among Nintendo’s mobile games for December and January
- the game made $17.6 million in Jan. 2019, up slightly year-over-year from $17.3 million in January 2018
- Fire Emblem Heroes has recently witnessed a substantial increase in weekly player spending
- the increase has been more than 100 percent due to in-game events tied to its two-year launch anniversary
- gross revenue for its anniversary week surpassed an estimated $6 million, up from approximately $2.9 million a week before


That's impressive. I gave up on this game long ago, it's not bad, just not for me. I had a feeling Japan was its most popular market, surprised by the US market percentage. When I think of this game, I think of whales. And you know, Loot Boxes get an awful lot of stick, this game has them.

I still use it here and there. They've really added a lot to it since it began and I'm constantly summoning characters. I mostly use it when I'm on bus rides or just chillin for a little lite tactical gaming. Storylines are pretty impressive as you progress.


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