GoNintendo Video - Let's check out Tetris 99 and chat about the latest Nintendo Direct!

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Yesterday was a super busy day with the Nintendo Direct, and I'm only just now getting to share my thoughts on it! Check out the video above to hear my favorite moments of the Direct, and watch me play some Tetris 99 for the first tie!

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That was an excellent performance RMC for your first go in Tetris 99. I'm terrible at it, but then again I don't really like it. The best new announcements in the Direct for me were Link's Awakening, Astral Chain and Super Mario Maker 2.

The wait for BAyonetta 3 is a bit easier now with Astral Chain. Looks damn sweet. In retrospect we all should have known it didn't have anything with Xenoblade to do since the character animations were too good hihi hehe. But the best part of the Direct and also the "Where the Hell did THAT come from?" part I was hoping for. Oh that and Tetris 99. Had a blast with it last night and will so further on.

Also happy to see FF9 out already. I have never played it before so I'll get it ASAP (but backlogs and all).

I think everyone should test the two new demos. Yoshi is damn cute as always but it's also a pretty solod platformer. Seems a bit too essy though. But that art style is really nice and I like it how world "flips" (they should have kept the old name hehe)

Deus X Machina is just WOW so far. If you like action games with mechs, this should be strait up your alley.

A good Direct.


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