Bayonetta 2 producer leaves PlatinumGames

There were rumors earlier today of PlatinumGames' Yusuke Hashimoto leaving his position at the company, and now we can see those rumors were true. Mr. Hashimoto is leaving PlatinumGames after 13+ years. We've got no idea where he's heading off to, but his departure from Platinum will definitely send shockwaves through the company.

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He was actually the director of Bayonetta 2. Sad to see him leave Platinum Games. However, I wish him the best luck.

Well, this is sad... but I'm sure he won't have trouble finding work. Now if only PlatinumGames can finish Bayonetta 3 rather than the not-Sin and Punishment game that totally SHOULD be one.

I wonder why though. After all these years... Well I guess the rumours of Kamiya directing Bayonetta 3 is more legit with this. I mean he is supervising Astral Chain, but that does not mean a hard working Japanese man can't direct his baby ;)

Because he wanted to leave? People leave companies all the time, its incredibly abnormal (and good) that people stay at companies like Nintendo for so long. He wanted to leave Platinum, either because he wanted to something else, something his own, or he got a good opportunity. Absolutely no reason to thing it has to do with Platinum.

I wasn't going conspiracy theorist here, Ben! Just curious as to why. ;)

I thought he was the one behind Bayo three. I might be wrong there but I'm pretty sure he was involved at some level. I wish him the best of course, Bayo2 is the best game of its genre and he did an incredible job directing that one.

"will definitely send shockwaves through the company."
Why would it? Not like he would come into work and go "I'm quitting today, cya!", internally this should have been known for months.

"but his departure from Platinum will definitely send shockwaves through the company."
The rumor is that he stayed on longer than planned to make sure that the projects in development weren't hurt by him leaving, this likely is just not true. Platinum lost a CEO before, they will be fine.

I'll be looking forward to whatever his next project is!


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